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Top 5 Free Resources for ESL Teachers

Top 5 Free Resources for ESL Teachers | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Even experienced teachers have difficulty sometimes thinking of new ways to plan and deliver their lessons. The following list gives a set of ‘go to’ resources, for new and experienced teacher alike, to use for ideas and activities. These examples have been chosen on the basis that they are actually useful, saving teacher time when looking for lesson ideas and materials at all levels and in a wide variety of teaching situationsEach of the websites indicated were correct for the time of writing. You may need to find alternatives if domain names have changed. Also be aware that over time, popular free website resources are sometimes later monetized, either partly or in full.

The British Council

This website covers a vast array of useful materials for all teachers and teacher educators at all levels of experience. With six main areas, the website can be useful for those who are just considering teaching as a career to those who are highly experienced teacher educators, looking for current research.The website covers:

a. Professional development. A vast number of resources are available here, for the new teacher to the highly experienced practitioner, including teacher trainers and other ELT specialists.

b. Publications. Links to up-to-date professional research for all aspects of English Language Teaching, including resource books and case studies.

c. Teaching resources. A whole range of resources divided into three ‘teaching sections’, namely teaching Primary, teaching secondary and teaching adults.

d. Webinars and events. Access to previously recorded webinars and events is available and ‘sign-up’ options for future events.

e. Training courses. Links for many free courses, which take place throughout the year.

f. Community. Teacher stories, magazine articles and podcasts are available in this section.

The Internet ESL Journal

The Internet TESL Journal published articles from 1995 to 2010. The website is now an online resource book for teachers who can refer to their published articles on teaching techniques and other things of interest to EFL and ESL teachers.

The website gives access to around 230 Articles & Research Papers, 310 Articles on Teaching Techniques and 190 Lessons & Lesson Plans


A large collection of resources arranged into seven website areas covering, Pronunciation and Conversation, Vocabulary, Writing skills, Reading comprehension, Grammar, Business English and a selection of resources for teachers.

The website is divided into 5 main areas.

a. Download lessons. Free to use and share lessons plans covering many grammar topicsb. Grammar rules. A basic overview of the types and usage of nouns and verbs.c. Online resources. A series of quizzes covering a variety of topics.d. Includes a grammar checker and word-counter.e. A series of guides covering such topics as; CV’s and resumes, Business writing and sales letters.

This website contains a database of over 17,000 printable free worksheets and lesson plans. There are worksheets covering grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, reading, listening and pronunciation topics.

Also available are over 2,000 articles covering a whole range of topics. There are free classroom posters to download and print and a selection of books and e-books to view.

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