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Tips for Working with English Teachers in Vietnam

Tips for Working with English Teachers in Vietnam | ITTT | TEFL Blog

In modern times, Vietnam's government has introduced ambitious educational reforms to elevate English proficiency levels. This has led to an increase in English teaching roles in public and private schools. The growing demand among English users and native speakers has made teaching English in Vietnam an appealing choice. This essay offers advice for effectively working in Vietnam.

Active Listening and Observation

First and foremost, keen observation is essential. Each Vietnamese school has its unique culture and work style. New teachers must pay close attention to local colleagues to adapt effectively. Allocating time to observe fellow teachers and their classroom management methods, as well as student dynamics, is crucial. Additionally, observing interactions during teacher and principal meetings provides valuable insights.

Cultivating Relationships and Building Rapport

Establishing relationships with colleagues is paramount. These connections provide a supportive environment for sharing teaching ideas, concerns, and seeking advice, despite limited English fluency among many teachers. Such relationships reduce isolation and enhance your work experience.

Supporting and Contributing

Demonstrating care for colleagues, regardless of their seniority or language proficiency, is vital. If you possess unique skills, offer assistance—be it senior teachers or peers. For instance, you could introduce techniques like teaching animal portraits or scenery. Your proactive approach can set an example and facilitate teamwork.

Conclusion: Embracing Vietnamese Work Culture

By following these steps, adapting to Vietnam's work culture becomes more accessible. Embracing these strategies enriches your teaching experience and adds meaning to your role.

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