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The 5 Best Programs for Teaching English in Europe

The 5 Best Programs for Teaching English in Europe | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Here we will look at the best government programs for teaching in Europe. We will mention five different programs in no particular order.

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TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program In France)

The first one is France and the first program is TAPIF ( Teaching Assistant Program In France) so this is a government initiative that places applicants into French state schools to work as teaching assistants. This program has been around for a long time, it's a great opportunity to live and work in France.

France is a country where long-stay visas can be difficult to secure for non-EU citizens, so if you don't have an EU passport then the TAPIF program can be a great way to get your foot into Europe. The website you need to apply through is If you want to learn more about that you can visit that website and also use that site to apply. Applications are evaluated based on French language skills, so you do need to have French language skills in order to do this program.

Experiences are important, having some teaching experience is preferred and obviously the more things you can check on this list the better. Other useful experiences to improve your chances of acceptance are, experience working with children or with adults and experience living abroad. Any demonstrated adaptability for new situations is good evidence for this program.

Applicants should have undertaken university studies the type of degree will be evaluated along with your general motivation and professional trajectory in the field of teaching or education. Letters of recommendation will be needed. Other requirements include;

  1. A five hundred word statement of purpose in French, indicating why you want to take this program and why should they pick you
  2. A scan of your passport
  3. University transcripts including a language evaluation from a university French professor
  4. A letter of recommendation from academic or profession from an academic or professional
  5. There is a 60 us dollar application fee

You can apply in January each year. This one of the most popular programs in Europe and France is so popular in general but if you already know some French and you're interested in teaching English in France then this program might be really worth looking at.

NALCAP (The North American Language & Culture Assistant Program)

Next we have NALCAP, The North American Language & Culture Assistant Program.

This program is the biggest program in Spain which is why we like to mention it and it is run directly by the Spanish ministry of education culture and sport. It is particularly American and Canadian citizens, who are placed to teach English in Spanish primary and secondary schools all around Spain.

The positions require you to work a set number of classes each week and you also get a stipend each month. You also get health insurance coverage and a long stay work visa.

Applicants should be aged between 21 and 60 years old. You also need to have some Spanish language skills, college transcripts, high school records and Spanish language certificates. Also needed is to have physical and psychological suitability so a medical form filled out by your doctor.

You have to be enrolled in at least a bachelor's degree bachelor's course or already have one and you should have previous teaching experience, such as working with children. Experience living abroad is also taken into consideration and also a TEFL or TESOL qualification though not compulsory is highly beneficial. This program is very competitive because it's the biggest one in Spain and it's very popular.

To apply for this you need to write a statement of purpose 250 to 300 words in English and you need to submit a copy of a reference letter from your employer or university and a copy of your diplomas and any other qualifications you want to submit. You also need to show a copy your passport proving you are a US or a Canadian citizen.

Central European Teaching Program (CETP)

This is a long-running program that places applicants into schools all across Hungary to work as English language teachers.

The contracts for this one last approximately 10 months and usually run from September to June but they also have some special case mid-year placements for people who just want to get a six-month experience and then this one usually lasts from January to June.

They also hire all year-round which is great. You can find the program here: program is well organized; they have a five to seven day orientation in Budapest prior to the beginning of the school year, so there's a lot of support there if you decide to work with this program. You will be teaching 22 to 26 class meetings per week (teaching hours per week) you're also paid a salary in the local currency according to the same pay scale as native teachers. CETP teachers are also covered under the health care system. Accommodation is provided and paid for by the host institution or the government which is also kind of rare with these programs. The CETP also provides all the documents necessary to receive your work visa after arrival in Hungary, so there's really a lot of great support. Requirements for this program: It is open to native English speakers from the USA, Canada, UK or any other EU country. There is no official upper age limit; you need to have a bachelor's degree and a minimum of a 40 hour online TEFL or TESOL course.

Teach and Learn in Georgia (TLG)

This is actually an education movement initiated by the Georgian government and administered under the Georgian ministry of education and science. The purpose of this program is basically the recruitment of English teachers, as well as French, Italian and German teachers. If you can speak any of these languages you can apply and you will co-teach alongside local teachers in public schools throughout this country. Their website is

They have a lot of benefits, you will get a monthly salary, and you also get free round-trip ticket to and from Georgia, free medical insurance and you have paid vacation during winter holidays. You also have 24-7 support from the TIG staff, so if you have any problems while you're there you have a contact person that you can always reach out to. There's also an orientation training upon arrival you also get some midterm training. There's also airport pick up.

Georgia is a unique place to go to with an interesting culture to experience. Requirements include that you need to be a native speaker of the language that you will teach, English, French, German or Italian. You also need a bachelor's degree and provide a clean nationwide criminal record check. You will need to get a medical test and show you are clear of any diseases. Other qualities needed are for someone who is flexible, has an open mind and a willingness to make a difference. Contracts last from September to the following year in June.

the Academic Information Agency (AIA)

Next we have a program in the Czech Republic, it is called the Academic Information Agency (AIA) it is an intermediary between primary and secondary public schools in the Czech Republic and teachers of English.

They connect teachers by taking teacher applications to the schools usually before the start of a new academic year in September and also in the midterms. The schools will pick teachers who they want to hire. Their website is

On this program you will receive a salary according to the same principles as Czech teachers which are subject to taxes and deductions for medical and social insurance payment. You will take up your position for the entire school year, September 1st to June 30th, so you have to do the full year. The full-time schedule in this program consists usually of 24 teaching hours per week at the school.

Requirements: a university or college diploma, a teacher certification registration, or a TEFL/TESOL certificate. Accommodation for the teachers should be arranged for by the school but you will usually have to pay for that yourself. The schools usually help the teachers to get acquainted with the new environment and most schools also offer inexpensive meals in their school cafeterias.

A final point, the Czech Republic doesn't have such strict requirements for teachers outside of the EU to come and get a work visa that's why the Czech Republic is very popular location for teachers.

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