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The Most Common Obstacles in ESL for English Learners From Spain

The Most Common Obstacles in ESL for English Learners From Spain | ITTT | TEFL Blog

First of all, nearly all the statistics and reality observation show that English in Spain is low. The problem is a set of factors whose central aspect lies in the oral part. People in Spain are not accustomed to watching movies or watching television in English due to language dubbing in all original version media. The result is what it is: that the Spanish are at the tail of Europe in the domain of foreign languages. As a result, children do not get used to the English language from an early age, and as we know, the acquisition of a new language is better sooner than later in life. When you teach English in Spain, it starts from a grammatical point of view, when it is essential, to begin with, a more oral focussed view-point. It is a fact that children enter a language through speaking, so it needs to happen the same way in English learning.

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English Comprehension

On the other hand, teaching English should bet on a comprehensive learning model, in which the language has a more transversal point of view so that the student simultaneously learns to understand it, speak it, read it, and write it. Nevertheless, the model in Spain has been that of guided learning, which gives priority to some linguistic ability over others, which has left behind, such as students' oral expression. On the other hand, this is, from my point of view, changing as teachers are now better prepared, and also citizens go abroad more.


Furthermore, it is necessary to include a new perspective and method that inserts the student in a more leading role in his/her learning process: collaborative learning, skills development, project work, and much more. Teachers have to learn to introduce students little by little in the language and make sure they receive the content successfully. Moreover, this can be done using a video, reviewing vocabulary cyclically so that they are not forgotten, working cooperatively in class, adding games, and creating a helpful and sound environment. The motivation and attention of the students remain stable and active.

Modern Educational System

Today, fortunately, the bilingual education programs in the infant and primary schools in Spain, and their extension to secondary education, raise hopes that within a few years, the training will be pretty different from the current one. At the same time, we must also improve social and cultural exposure to English in the media and encourage new forms of education to gradually internationalize our schools and universities. Hence, they imply a more significant presence of English and, therefore, improve our ability to understand and make ourselves understood in this language.

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In conclusion, with more open and dynamic teaching, as the ESA method can allow, the student will be able to use the second language more successfully. Also, it is essential to leave the student and his needs in the foreground, rather than pursuing a very narrow educational system, also counting on going more time for teachers to create their plans and pursue goals and objectives, would be proper to set up a new way of teaching that Spain gradually is opening to. However, we cannot forget that the student's exposure in their day-to-day with a language either from the media, reading books, or listening to music in their own time, is also essential to acquire a new second language.

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