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The Importance of Using Flashcards with Teens and Adults

The Importance of Using Flashcards with Teens and Adults | ITTT | TEFL Blog

I'm pleased to say that I could teach or lead a class to learn English as a foreign language, challenging and rewarding. I have little experience tutoring adults in learning English. My studies learning what could be ahead for a teacher looking to lead a class in English was so rewarding. The challenge to get the students to engage in activities is a top priority for the teacher. I'll have to develop and practice proven ways to present to the class a lesson where the students may absorb the English language and will stay with them for the rest of their life. I had to give some thought about what I would write for my Essay and how I would present this topic, so I'm happy to be able to present flashcards for learning.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Matthew F. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Understanding the goals

One might have a Friday Flashcard but the primary purpose for flashcards are their fun, why a student can visualize and at the same time slowly pronounce, that's right slowly if need be but say in confidence the object or name or title as many times as they need and never lose sight of the desired goal and that my friend is learning. I am captured with the possibility of seeing and experiencing young and old alike progressing in a manner of sense to the individual and to know with confidence and applying yourself one day at a time. Flashcards might seem to be done. I dare say a child's way of learning if so that's a very good way to start in building sentence structure.

I could imagine that witnessing someone who is discovering a progression of self-awareness of how to learn and builds on inner skills and where being motivated can be key in constructing learning behaviors. How ultimately remarkable to view this inaction could be so rewarding. The use of flashcards can be helpful in so many ways, here are a few examples of what flashcards could do, I have seen this in action. The teacher brings a selection of picture flashcards showing Weather, on one is sunny, on another is windy, and another is cloudy, one is raining, another is snowing and it doesn't stop it continuous with hot or cold or dry maybe the weather is changing to a storm or there's a starry night, the point here is climate changes in various regions can be very different yet can capture the mindset of many.

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## Engagement Level

When I was a teacher who can drill and also challenge the group to quickly get a chance to engage in a wonderful way of learning how to have fun, I could see adults participating, each individual getting the same opportunity to engage.

There are flashcards for color, shapes, sizes, they are geographical flashcards of the world, animals, food, fruits, vegetables, towns and cities, rivers, oceans, fish, plants, trees, tribes, buildings and houses. The various groups of people who inhabit the earth. The ages of students if a teen or an adult could change may be an activity in using flashcards lets just say role play or a more advanced sentence structure, same as adults may want a list of flashcards on the to-do list to prepare for a job interview or a list for groceries this week.

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Games to Play

The activities that could be played using flashcards are Pictionary, go fish, bingo, the missing flashcard, or construct a sentence and each word is a card, then mix the cards and let the students construct the sentence.I remember starting with the alphabet and numbers and going on to learning how to write each letter and practicing penmanship. Why pronunciation can be fun and losing sight of fear is liberating.

If given the chance of teaching English the possibilities are endless, did you know that there's fill in the blank sentences using flashcards yes there are flashcards for that, also how about an occupation used for roleplaying activities? Yes, there are flashcards for that. I can make my flashcards or even yet have the students make their own and present their ideas to others in the group and to use them as competing with another. Yet there are many ways to obtain flashcards, I can purchase many beautiful colored flashcards by placing an order. I'm certain to do that. There are online groups that share ideas for printouts that can be copied, these are obtainable ways of gaining access to flashcards.

My goal is to see students leaving the classroom being joyful and victorious.

I hope someday to lead a class and experience people learning a foreign language.

This concludes my Essay on teaching English with flashcards to all ages one's never too old. I want to thank you for your insights on how to reach people and letting them develop their foreign language skills and for the wealth of resources that have helped me.

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