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The Education Giants: Online vs. Offline Education

The Education Giants: Online vs. Offline Education | ITTT | TEFL Blog

“Education is the one thing no one can take away from you.”- Elin Nordegren

One of the most valuable resources to have in life is an educated mind. In this last decade, the educational world was and still is constantly evolving, especially with the rise of technology and a pandemic stricken worldwide that is influencing millions of people’s educational growth.

As a result, the world of education now consists of 2 parts mainly: online education and offline education. Online education and offline education can be described as the educational giants in the education world, so to speak. Sometimes these so-called educational giants are in a bit of a power struggle to be the best. In one corner, we have online education, and in the other corner, we have offline education. However, which one is the best? Many people have posed this question, and the answer seems to elude some, and for others, it may bring strife.

To answer the question, we must first understand what separates the two giants. In this post, I will explain the difference between online and offline education and the advantages of each one.

The Offline Giant

Offline learning is referred to as the traditional training method, which is as old as time itself. Offline education means a learner needs to go to a school, perform in a traditional classroom setting, and attend a class face to face at a given time with an in-person teacher. Moreover, offline education follows a holistic approach and can’t be affected by technical issues like unstable internet connections or power failures. Offline education provides an excellent, strict, time management opportunity for students. At the same time, the teacher can monitor student responses accordingly and address them. No matter how lucrative online education is, offline education will play a vital role in the development of students.

Skill points of the Offline giant

  • Traditional tools and methods of teaching are used.
  • Students are usually more committed and goal-orientated towards their studies.
  • Aids in the development of a student’s personality and/or life skills.
  • Physical classrooms - dedicated environment for learning.
  • Offline classes have a fixed and strict schedule.
  • Communications and collaborations happen face to face.
  • Teachers determine the pace of teaching.
  • Students may be more attentive in class - fewer distractions.
  • Teachers can give individual attention, identify problem areas and solve them immediately.
  • It also allows building lasting relationships which enhances teaching efficiency and experience.

The Online Giant

Online learning is a term referring to learning programs that are connected to the internet and happen over a distance and not in a traditional classroom. Computer technology is used to teach learners. Devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops are used for learning purposes, and these devices must be connected to the internet. With the use of technology as a medium, online learning has forever changed the way education is delivered. Online education is flexible. As well as the method of teaching has become more instructional where students can gain access to study material easily. Multimedia usage is encouraged, and therefore bigger audiences can be reached across the world, even in third world countries.

Skill points of the Online giant

  • Digitized tools and methods of teaching.
  • Provides a learning opportunity for those who are unable to enroll in a traditional classroom because of other responsibilities.
  • Students can set their own pace for studying.
  • Cost-effective and time-saving.
  • Online classes have a flexible schedule.
  • Communication and collaborations happen digitally.
  • Provides an unlimited number of resources.
  • Motivates self-discipline.
  • Acts as a prime opportunity to meet other people from around the world that share your interests.
  • Expands networking opportunities with other people around the world.
  • Easier to keep education updated meaning the learning material stays relevant.
  • It encourages lifelong learning, even if it is to improve current skills or learn new ones.

In conclusion

One might think that round after round, and the knockout round is soon to come. But victory does not belong to a certain educational giant per se, as they both end up head-to-head in every round and are both described as the best,

Yet, it is not a matter of which one is the best but rather an individual’s circumstance that comes into question at a certain point in time. Only then, either the offline educational giant or online educational giant will step up and answer the call. That giant will be victorious and meet an individual’s educational needs. Believe it or not, for some individuals, both the educational giants may sing the song of victory.

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