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Teaching English Online: ✅ How to Record the Perfect Introduction Video

Teaching English Online: ✅ How to Record the Perfect Introduction Video | ITTT | TEFL Blog

This year, teaching English online has become the standard mode of work for many teachers. Thus, online educational platforms have become an essential tool for many teachers.

As long as teaching English online continue to be more and more competitive, it is an absolute must to become proficient in presenting and selling yourself to your prospective clients. This blog post will talk about how to create the perfect online teaching introduction video to stand out on any online teaching platform.

Research the Platform

Before you jump at filming an intro video, thoroughly look through the teaching platform of your choice and try to get a feel for who the target audience is. For example, on Italki, the majority of students are adults looking for general English classes. Cambly, on the other hand, is a platform that offers one-on-one English lessons predominantly for those who want to improve their speaking skills. Once you have figured out what the platform is looking for, you can create your video introduction around it.

Also, don't forget to check the employer's guidelines for video introductions. Some online English teaching platforms do not have specific content requirements, while others request particular information.

Another great idea is to watch some video introductions that other teachers put online. Focus on their strengths and try to learn from their weaknesses.

Create a Script

Before filming, write down the most important key points you want to mention in the video. Remember that you need to show yourself from your best side, so don't be afraid to say what makes you a great online English teacher.

Also, try to stick to a time limit, usually between 2 and 3 minutes, on most online teaching platforms. It is always better to keep your video short and straight to the point because the general audience loses attention very fast and does not watch the video until the end.

Choose the Right Equipment

If you go to any teaching platform, you will find thousands of videos with low image and sound quality. You might think that it isn't worth bothering to make a video in perfect quality, but the truth is, it does.

In today's digitalized world, more and more people care about quality content. High-quality content is associated with professionalism, even for teaching English online. Another point is that the first impression is extremely powerful. You want to make sure your potential clients see you as an outstanding professional at first glance.

We suggest using either a digital camera or a smartphone with video stabilization to film your teaching introduction video.

Unfortunately, in most cases, an unplugged laptop web-camera has smaller dimensions and cannot stay in focus. However, if you want to deliver your future lessons with high-quality video, you might want to consider buying a special streaming web-cam.

You can DIY a holder to stabilize your camera or use a tripod.

Don't forget about the sound quality, too. Most smartphone and camera microphones deliver quite good audio. But you can make it even better if you record the video in a quiet space. You can use an additional external microphone to cancel out any background noise.

Let's talk about additional software.

You may need a simple video editor to enhance the video with some text-clues or transitions between parts. However, don't do too many enhancements as it may cause confusion.

Another useful tool to use is a teleprompter. If you are not that confident of your speaking, you may upload the text prompt and read while recording the video without hesitation.

Set the Scene

Prepare the room for filming your intro video. It needs to be light and neat, so make sure there's no mess visible in the background. Ideally, have a transparent wall behind yourself. If your intro is for the young audience, you can also put some colorful props next to you - but keep them away from your face.

Don't stand against the window or another source of light. It is also better to have natural light. If you are going to film during the darker hours, you can use a ring-light or an ordinary lamp to enhance the image.

Try to find a quiet place to avoid unnecessary noise. If a neighbor is having their apartment repaired, choose another time to film or think of a different film location.

Think of Your Appearance

Before filming, consider the way you want your audience to see you. Do you want to look like a professional business coach or more casual? Get dressed accordingly.

The way you dress also defines how you should present yourself. Choose appropriate language. In one case, using slang and colloquial phrases would be fine, but for a business-style presentation, you'll need more formal vocabulary.

Last but not least, show your confidence. Sometimes when we are nervous, we tend to speak fast and unclear. Make sure you don't do that. Instead, relax and slow down. Your potential clients would be more impressed if they can understand what you are saying. Focus on clear pronunciation, as this is one reason why your students are looking for an English teacher.

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All in all, making a good introduction video can be a daunting task. However, it is well worth it. Your intro video can make or break your career in teaching English online.

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