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Reasons to Take a TEFL Course if You Want to Teach in China

Reasons to Take a TEFL Course if You Want to Teach in China | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Teaching profession is in fact, is out of my wildest dream when I was young. after completing my undergraduate studies major in marketing, I had worked in multiple fields and traveled to many countries which gave me chances to met a lot of a different kind of people, the local and foreigner.with the knowledge and experience gains throughout the time, I decided to retire from my current field and move on to China as my wife is from people of the Republic of China (PRC).

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Shao Y. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

New Profession

I am Malaysian and now is the right time to stay close with my family there. At first, while I am in China, I thought I can find the same profession as I had worked before and worked part-time. unfortunately, it is not needed here. as what I can see, teaching the English language in China is in high demand and very easy to secure the jobs. I thought that with my undergraduate degree and my vast working experience will enable me to get a work visa but that not the actual fact. from here I come across of TEFL. it is one of the utmost requirement by the employer here. even though I have vast experienced in my field, I have zero knowledge in the teaching profession. they advised me to take and complete the TEFL courses before can offer me the job.malaysia is not the English native speaker country which is the requirement from China government but TEFL certificate will qualify me to apply for a work visa.

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When I enrolled in the TEFL course, I never thought that the courses will provide such an in-depth knowledge and skills needed to become an English teacher. No wonder that is the most important requirement in securing the teaching job. The teacher with no experience (like me) will definitely be equipped with the skill and technique make available to them in the whole course units. teaching English especially in a foreign country is very different from my own country. Here in China, they only start to learn and study English subject when reaching the primary 3 only. back in Malaysia which we start to be exposed to the language at very early tender years. time is wasted here before the children in China can learn with the new language besides their own native Chinese language.getting the right technique and skills from the TEFL course will ensure me can help the students here with a correct method and appropriate system when I start to teach the English language. I am in serious consideration in joining a charity society to teach English at the rural village as I believe in giving something back to the society itself in order to make the world a better place for them.although in China there are many rich families, there is also a very poor family which can't afford to send their children to school.

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My Personal Experience

After I completed the first stage of the exam, I realized that the TEFL courses are accepted worldwide. this really fires up my motivation in securing the certificate. most countries especially the third world country like Cambodia and Vietnam open up their work visa if you have TEFL certificate. I believe the reason is the same as in China. try to invite as much as possible a qualified teacher with the right qualification to the country and teach English there. I remember one of the units being thought in TEFL is adjusting to the local culture and prepare an adequate plan suitable for the level students.all this knowledge can only be gained after completing the course and not by your own previous undergraduate degree. with TEFL certificate it will enable to live and work in other countries. the skill is very much in demand.

Future Perspectives

By completing the TEFL courses it really saves my time and cost of studying it. even though I do have an undergraduate degree . in some country, TEFL certificate alone is sufficient enough . to those who still unsure the career path that is going to take, TEFL provide the cheapest and fastest route compare to obtaining a degree. gone with the days when getting the degree is the first thing to get after passing out from school. with the choices available today especially the TEFL certificate, students with a poor family background will definitely get the opportunity to further their studies and join the teaching profession if they wish too instead of getting the degree. as the TEFL certificate is the first step before upgrading it to the diploma level which might further open up the career path. the time to complete the courses all depends on the individual itself. as for me, the online 120 hours is the minimum requirement needed in China.

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Do you want to teach English abroad?

Although TEFL is not a professional body like ACCA, the courses are recognized worldwide and accepted by most countries. it will keep the option open to the students itself. above all by completing the TEFL courses, getting the correct knowledge and information together with the support material available online will help prepare the new upcoming teacher delivering the lesson efficiency and effectively.

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