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Parents: First Teachers in a Child's Life

Parents: First Teachers in a Child's Life | ITTT | TEFL Blog

It has been said that there are three great blessings in one's life: a good family when one is a child, a good teacher when one is reading, and a good leader when one is working. Thus, family education plays a very important role in people's growth.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Ramy M. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

In the current family education, I think the biggest problem is not the lack of education, but improper education. To educate children, parents should play the following roles in family education:

First of all, parents should be their children's teachers.

Some people say: family is a flag of children, parents are a mirror of children. It can be seen that parents are the first and deepest people to influence their children, and they are the first and most imitated images of children.

Others say that parents can be seen in their children. Since the first day of a child's birth, every word, reaction, and action of the parents is affecting the child all the time and imperceptibly. The first face the child sees is the parents' face, and the first voice the child hears is the parents' voice. The first word a child knows is taught by his parents. The first song a child hears is sung by his parents. The good moral character of children is cultivated by parents from childhood, and the bad habits of children are gradually developed in the family.

As parents, if they can't give their children unparalleled intelligence, but they can teach their children how to be human, how to learn, how to live, how to be the best teacher for their children, how to cultivate their children's sound personality, solve problems independently, face challenges confidently, stay away from bad habits, take the initiative to take responsibility, put into life enthusiastically and treat others in a friendly way, to Children pave the way to success, win at the starting point!

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Second, parents should be their children's friends.

To educate their children, parents should not only be their first teachers but also by their children's intimate friends. Sometimes we hear about parents complain about their kids not open up to them and they know nothing about their kids.

I think that's when parents don't communicate well with their children. Many of the parents, when educating their children, are too indulgent on the one hand and too stubborn and extreme on the other.

Doting parents, for their children's requirements, is not asked whether the reason is sufficient, whether the children's requirements are justified, are blindly satisfied. On the contrary, stubborn and extreme parents, regardless of their children's requirements, only judge their children's requirements by their likes and dislikes. They don't want to communicate with their children, and they don't want to be intimate friends with their children.


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Many parents think it's unnecessary to communicate with their children, and they are still young.

Regarding children as friends requires parents and children to be equal. Take care of their children's dreams. Similarly, they should remind their children when they are happy and encourage them when they are frustrated.

Many parents usually don't care about their children's studies, but when their children's test results are not ideal, they scold their children for nothing, as if they are rotten wood that is hard to carve. At this time, our parents should calm down, try to be more patient, and ask the reasons why children's performance is not ideal. When parents are already focused on understanding their children's ideas and trying to help them solve problems, they may find that children have self-esteem.

Parents should give them patience and tolerance, understanding and respect. Good parents learn and good children teach. To educate children, they must continue to learn, learn some educational concepts, learn some ways and methods of educating children, become children's intimate friends, feel children's inner world with heart, inspire children's upward motivation with emotion, and create children's successful future with love.

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Third, parents should be children's students.

The era we live in is an era of constantly accelerating knowledge renewal. The classroom is not the only way for children to acquire knowledge, and the channels for children to acquire information are very wide: watching TV, listening to the radio, playing computer, etc. are all important channels for children to acquire information.

There are many times when the parents don't know all the knowledge that the children know, This requires us to be parents, update our existing knowledge in time, expand our knowledge field, and learn together with our children.

Parents play an important role in family education. A successful parent should not only be a good teacher, but also a good friend and a good student in the process of children's growth.

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