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Love as The Key to Building Confidence in The ESL Classroom

Love as The Key to Building Confidence in The ESL Classroom | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Any profession requires preparation and skills, but most of all, confidence. Hence, teachers should develop the confidence to achieve their aims in their profession and their lives. Thus, if a teacher lacks confidence, it can become a relevant issue in its profession. Moreover, it could harm the learning process of the students. Thereby, how can teachers increase their confidence in the classroom?

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Oscar L. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.


Teachers can increase their confidence by constantly preparing and updating the different topics, issues, technologies, and new methodologies to teach English. However, this is not enough due to. The teacher must love its profession with all the benefits and sacrifices that this profession entails. Therefore, the lack of confidence could be related to the absence of formation or passion in the profession.

The groundwork is fundamental to maintain determination during the students' learning process because if the pupils sense any insufficiency about the knowledge and the preparedness of the professor, it will threaten the authority of the tutor and its assurance. Also, a regular updating could improve the lecturer's certainty since it develops new skills and abilities that enhance the learning process. As a result, a vital education on the field and a constant updating allow the lecturers to aboard the newest obstacles in the area like the development of new technologies that affect the teaching process or the implementation of a new methodology that could be uncomfortable to the professor.

Pure Interest

Despite an excellent formation and an awareness of constant updating, teachers should love their profession and teaching labor. Since passion for what we do carries excellence and confidence in our work and our lives. According to Steven Pinker (psychologist), in his article "fear and passion," people who love their job are better professionals and improve their lives far better than people that work only for necessity or money. Besides, Steven Pinker stated that people with joyful jobs had improved their confidence, even to be more attractive to the opposite sex. As we can see, devotion entails formation and constant updating, so the main feature to have complete confidence is love for what we do, and the rest will come by itself.


To build a firm determination, all the teachers should be aware of their happiness in their job and the contentment in their lives. Likewise, the instruction is an essential responsibility for the tutors. Hence a steady poise has a determinant impact on the scholars. Since tutoring is the transfer of knowledge, abilities, skills, and "know-how," a lack of confidence threatens the retention of those issues in the student's mind. Consequently, the whole guiding process would be infructuous, and it will harm the tutor's determination, creating a vicious circle.

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In conclusion, the building process of confidence requires a lot of tools and materials. Nevertheless, most of the main features will come by themselves if they have passion and love for the profession. In that way, confidence should not be a problem if this labor was the right choice. Hence, the confidence problem is more about selecting the profession than the classroom or the job itself. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that preparation and continuous updating are required, but those features are implicit if the teacher has passion.

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