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How to Stay Healthy As an English Teacher

How to Stay Healthy As an English Teacher | ITTT | TEFL Blog

One should know that a healthy classroom stems from a healthy teacher. When the teacher is healthy, then the whole class atmosphere will be much more alive. The students will see the healthiness of the teacher and will be inspired to protect and build their health. This, in turn, will cause increased happiness and progress in their studies.

Over the years in my teaching experiences, I have worked hard to increase my health for the benefit of not only myself but also for the benefit of my students. I have found some life habits that have greatly improved my health and helped me to maintain my health. I want to share what I have learned with other teachers so that we can increase the happiness of our lives and teaching careers by simply staying healthy.

Simple Breakdown of Things to Do That Increase Health

There are some simple ways that can easily be adapted into anyone's life to increase one's health, and these I have listed below in paragraphs explaining in practical ways how each point can be implemented into one's life.

1. Nutrition

Nutrition is a very important aspect of health. Nutrition is the type of energy and nourishment your body takes from food. The better fuel you intake, the better you will run. The better nourishment you have, the healthier you will be.

What should a person eat to provide good nutrition for the body? Eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts is very healthy for the body. It is like providing yourself with lots of life. Also, eating some eggs, white meat, beans, and other protein-building foods is also wholesome. Eating grains like rice, oatmeal, and barley is very natural and nourishing for the body as well. If your body has good nutrition, then it will bloom like a flower in rich soil.

2. Exercise

Exercise is vitally important to increase and prolong good health. Studies show that 150 minutes of moderate exercise (or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise) per week can yield approximately 3.4 extra years to one's life.

Daily exercise keeps your bones, muscles, and joints healthy, and it greatly decreases the chances of obtaining certain ailments such as diabetes, colon cancer, osteoporosis, heart issues, and many other such challenging conditions.

What are exercises people can do to increase their longevity and quality of life? Below is a list of exercises one can easily implement into his/her life.

  1. Run
  2. Swim
  3. Hike
  4. Walk
  5. Lift weights/ Do sit-ups/ Do push-ups
  6. Bike
  7. Rollerblade
  8. Dance
  9. Play Active Sports such as; soccer and hockey

There are many, many more ways in which one can exercise, but the ideas listed above are fun, interesting, and proactive exercises in keeping the body strong and healthy.

3. Water

Water is extremely important for the health of your body. Your body is about 70% water, and it is healthiest for the average person to drink eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 Liters or a half-gallon of water a day.

The benefits of drinking plenty of water are ginormous. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells. It flushes bacteria from your bladder. Water aids in digestion and prevents constipation. It normalizes blood pressure and stabilizes your heartbeat. It cushions your joints and protects your organs and tissues. Drinking plenty of water will greatly increase your health.

What are ways people can make sure they drink enough water? Below is a simple list of ideas to increase your daily water intake.

  1. Set a daily water intake goal.
  2. Keep a reusable water bottle with you.
  3. Set reminders.
  4. Drink one glass of water before each meal.
  5. Flavor your water.
  6. Drink a glass of water every hour at work.

Making sure you drink plenty of water is essential for good health.

Getting enough Sunshine

Being exposed to sunshine is vitally important for good health. Getting a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure a day is very healthy for the body, and if you can get more than 10 or 15 minutes of sunlight a day, then that is even better.

Sunshine helps generate the production of vitamin D in the body and helps with bone health. It lowers blood pressure and prevents diseases. It also promotes good mental health.

What to do to make sure you get enough time out in the sunshine? I personally love to go on a walk after every lunch outside, and that is a habit I've done for years in all types of weather. There are other ways to get exposed to sunshine, though. Some ideas are listed below.

  1. Join your students at recess.
  2. Work outside when possible.
  3. Take walks.
  4. Bicycle to work.
  5. Park your vehicle a long way from the entrance of whatever building you need to enter and walk to the door.
  6. Purchase a happy light.
  7. Establish times of enjoyable outside recreation.


Being temperate entails a number of things and can be different for every individual. But like all the other habits, being temperate also promotes good health.

Temperance is the moderation of action, thought, and feeling. It is the position of not indulging in anything too much or too little. It is about creating a well-balanced life that promotes the soundness of the body.

What are ways in which to be temperate? To promote health, there are a number of categories in which to be balanced and temperate. Some of these are listed below.

  1. Food
  2. Sleep
  3. Work
  4. Social time
  5. Alone time
  6. Hobbies

In your life as an English teacher, do your best to make sure that you are moderate in the many aspects of your life to build and protect your health.

6. Air

Breathing fresh, clean air into your lungs greatly increases the health of your body. Fresh air is very beneficial for your lungs. Breathing deeply brings fresh air into the bottom of your lungs and helps to bring fresh, clean oxygen to the 37 trillion cells that make up your body. Also, breathing deeply helps in expelling airborne toxins from your body. It increases the oxygen in your body, which in turn increases the function and efficiency of your whole body and brain.

What are ways to get fresh air on a daily basis?

Getting fresh air is essential for good health. Below is a list of ideas to bring fresh air into your life.

  1. Open your windows.
  2. Walk your dog.
  3. Plant a garden.
  4. Bike or walk to work.
  5. Take work meetings outside.
  6. Drive with your windows open.
  7. Run in the mornings.
  8. Go on picnics.
  9. Choose outdoor recreation.

Getting fresh air is very important as it greatly improves and prolongs health.


Rest greatly benefits health. It greatly improves mental health and increases concentration and memory. It helps to create a stronger immune system, and reduces stress, improves one's mood, and builds a better metabolism.

How to get more rest?

Having good rest is essential for the health of the body. There are some simple steps one can take to get enough rest in life.

  1. Set a regular bedtime
  2. Make sure to have a balance between physical and mental work during the day 3. Do activities in the evening that you find to be relaxing and calming.
  3. Lower stress with stress-reducing activities.
  4. Get up earlier in the morning and go to bed earlier.
  5. Go on a walk or run early in the morning.

Make sure in your life that you don't forget to let yourself rest.


Trust is also very important in the realm of health. Every human being needs something or someone to trust. Without trust, no solid relationship can last. Those who trust have much greater health and happiness. Trust lowers stress and builds wholesome world views.

Trust plays a big role in happiness, and those who are happy have increased health.

Personally, as a person of faith, I have trust in God, and having trust in Him helps me more than I can say. However, each person should find a place or person for their trust, and their health and peace will definitely be greatly enhanced.


Health should definitely be something that is a priority in people's lives. Being healthy makes life so much better and brings people a much happier existence.

I have shared what I have learned on my journey to greater health, and I hope others can benefit from my findings.

As English teachers, we have the wonderful opportunity to increase our own personal health so that we can grow in our personal lives and careers. Teachers who have good health definitely bring a deeper sense of life and cheerfulness to the classroom. Students with a healthy teacher are more likely to be healthy themselves, and in effect, their studies will be enhanced. One should always remember that a healthy classroom stems from a healthy teacher.

Over to you

Do you know of any other ways to become healthier? What are things you do that increase your health? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.

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