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How TEFL Teacher Impacts ESL Students' Life

How TEFL Teacher Impacts ESL Students' Life | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Everyone can remember the different ways teachers impacted their life, whether good or bad. In modern-day society, a teacher's role in education extends beyond just 'educating' and 'passing along the information to students, with teachers adopting myriad roles in the classroom setting and the students' personal life. Beyond educating, teachers can mentor students, be positive role models, encourage social inclusion, nurture student's development and interests, create a safe and welcoming environment for students, and look for signs of trouble. This essay will discuss the myriad roles teachers play in contemporary classroom contexts and the benefits of having a teacher who can create positive relationships with their students.

Transferring New Knowledge

The most common and fundamental role of a teacher is to educate and assist students in acquiring knowledge. This is achieved by following lesson plans, a curriculum, and imparting information to students to ensure that they understand both the concepts and the ability to apply their learning in real-life situations. In most countries, teachers require relevant qualifications and are specialized in the content that they are teaching. The standard duties of a teacher consist of preparing lessons, giving lessons, and assessing the students' progress. Teachers should feel confident in assessing and monitoring students' progress, as it helps them continually evaluate how the students are going and evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching (Safer, N & Fleischman, S 2005). According to Nola A., a Senior English Instructor at Eton Institute, a teacher plays several roles, including the controller, the prompter, the resource, the assessor, the organizer, the participant, and the tutor. A teacher can adopt any of these roles at different times, depending on which activity and the students' needs. The other parts can also vary greatly. For example, the controller's position is that the teacher is entirely in charge and the center of attention.

Active Communication

In contrast, when the teacher adopts the participant's part, they are involved in the activity alongside the students. Brown, H. Douglas (2007) mentions that "teachers can play many roles in the course of teaching and this might facilitate learning. Their ability to carry these out effectively will depend mainly on the rapport they establish with broadly "their own level of knowledge and skills.

Positive Experience and Moral Safety

Beyond the 'educating' component of teaching, teachers can play a more personal role in their students' lives by creating a safe and welcoming environment where students can thrive. Teachers have the ability to create an environment where students can participate and be part of decision-making processes, functional relationships with other students, and empower students to take charge in their own learning, which can result in individuals who are capable and confident in their own abilities. For a teacher to spark the students' interest, they should show enthusiasm towards students and their work. According to Amatora, M (1950), the teacher's enthusiasm may contribute to the classroom atmosphere and enthusiasm, which can spark the levels of interest for the subject matter. Therefore, teachers play an essential respiring space, and interest levels age every students' abilities and encourage positive relationships.

In the last decade, there has been a growing interest in the school environment's role in children's social and emotional wellbeing (Lang P, Best R, Lichtenberg A 1994). In 1999, the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that "Health Promoting Schools are schools that display, in everything they say and do, support for and commitment to enhancing the social, emotional, physical and moral wellbeing of all members of their school community" (World Health Organisation, 1999). Teachers should be approachable to their students and take on the role of confidante and mentor. Provides. According to Pozniak H (2018), children can require support for a variety of reasons, including grief, parental separation, domestic abuse, poverty, caring responsibilities, a toxic home life." Therefore, teachers play a pivotal role in monitoring and being aware of student behaviors. Teachers should be equipped with strategies and resources to assist them in dealing with complex scenarios.

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To conclude, teachers play a significant and fundamental role in the development of their students. Although the primary and essential part of a teacher is to educate, there are many other roles the teacher can play in their students' lives. This includes ensuring the classroom atmosphere is safe and fun and encourages positive relationships and learning, and taking care of the student's psychological wellbeing teachers wear many different hats. The teacher can make or break the experience of a student.

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