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How Reading Nourishes the World

How Reading Nourishes the World | ITTT | TEFL Blog

One of the most valuable human attributes is imagination. An active and healthy imagination can be inspired by many things. One of the most significant inspirations behind a lively imagination is reading. Alternatively, an image can contribute to valuable characteristics, such as bravery, dignity, and leadership. Reading can introduce people to comprehension, vocabulary, new places, languages, cultures, ideas, perspectives, information, words, and sentences. Speaking and reading are great ways to learn new words of another language, as well as learn how to structure those new words in a sentence.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Tiffany C. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Reading in childhood

Many childhood adventures are experienced via an illustrative storybook. A book can introduce a child to images of color, communicative language, creative storylines, challenging obstacles, modes of overcoming obstacles, and glorious triumphant finales. A book can be a journey to a far-away land or a far-away planet in another galaxy. It can also help define the difference between an antagonist and a protagonist. Family and friends are key in childhood development, but a book helps to support development. In grade school, the majority of education is provided in books. Subjects such as math, English, science, economics, etc. are covered in classes via books. In current times, the Internet is a major source of a lot of information. The book is now available via electronic format. Electronic books are becoming popular in the school system. An electronic book is a great option for those who may not be able to access a physical book.

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Teenage reading

In teen and early adulthood, books continue to be a source of entertainment and education. Novels narrate exciting fictional tales, and textbooks get heavier with dense technical information about sciences such as biochemistry and microbiology. Math subjects are explored in depth via geometry and algebra. English is expressed in diverse categories, such as fiction and non-fiction. Individuals in this age group may keep journals and learn to create their works. These journals may be sources of expression or the beginnings of a writer’s career. Another career anchored by reading is the career of a musician. Musicians of all ages rely on sheet music to learn to play songs. Young musicians connect notes to sounds. As they mature, they connect those sounds to compositions. Reading is not just about words and images, but also understanding.

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Reading in adulthood

In adulthood, reading remains a source of adventure, entertainment, education, and escape from the demanding life of an adult. The ITTT Business English course is a great example of the ways reading can educate into adulthood. In this course, a student is introduced to course development, ideas for course materials, themes for teaching, and resources to guide a student to be a great Business English teacher. This information can be used to help people around the world learn to communicate with each other. Also, reading articles, textbooks, news, novels, or social media comments connect people to information and other people. Reading is a major part of learning and developing.

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It is vital to remember the importance of reading. A great way to instill the importance of reading in children is to have books in the home. In general, accessibility to reading material is key. Incorporating reading in daily activities is also a great way to instill the importance of reading. It can be beneficial to share your books with friends and family and support authors.

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Reading opens people up to a new world. It can nourish the spirits and minds of people. This activity can also be a foundation for development and expression. It is a declining activity, but if people continue to recognize the importance of reading and written expression, reading will remain a significant part of life.

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