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Essential Strategies in Classroom Management

Essential Strategies in Classroom Management | ITTT | TEFL Blog

In this essay, I am going to talk about classroom management. The reason why my choice stopped on this topic, It's because I had some classroom management problems before.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Fei W. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

I will talk about managing young learners and about short and long term problem-solving methods.

Many teachers, especially new teachers, are having some problems with managing their classes. The reasons may be different.

The first possible reason may be the lack of experience. Experience comes with practice, and if you didn't practice many times you will probably face some management problems during your classes. A lot of researchers talk about how to successfully manage a class, they are providing many solutions. But sometimes even those solutions don't work for some students or some situations.

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I used to work with young learners, and I faced many difficulties with managing classes.

In my opinion, every situation happening in the classroom is worth observing. When the teacher starts to observe hard situations, she will probably come up with some creative ideas or solutions. Very often, a student's behavior in the classroom is not unreasonable, even if it looks like that. There may be a deep reason for such behavior. And the teacher's task is also to find those reasons. If every time, after having problems with classroom management teachers observe the situations and try to find out some solutions they will realize that the hard situations are getting better.

Short term solutions or long term solutions.

I am always for long term solutions. But let's agree that for a non-experienced teacher it is very hard to give long term solutions from the first day of his teaching. So before, I was trying to give fast solutions to some kinds of problems, but later I always faced the same problem again and again. That means that kind of classroom management tools are not very productive, they need to be changed or modified every time. So it would be much better to observe the problem, going to the deep roots. And only after everything looks clear the correct solutions will appear.

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Teacher's behavior and attitude to the class also have a big impact on having fewer problems during the teaching process. For example, if a teacher is not punctual and is coming late to the classroom than the students, in that case, it will be hard to manage the class and let the students sit nicely or focus on the class. Another example may be a classroom arrangement. There are several ways to arrange the chairs and because of the wrong classroom arrangement, the teacher may meet some problems. This may seem very little issue but in fact, it can have a big impact on your classroom management quality. A good teacher should take care of every single detail that may cause classroom management problems.

There are many useful techniques for classroom management that many specialists discovered and suggested. Some of them work, some of them don't work. But in my case, the observation was and stays the best solution for managing my classes.

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So, I will highly recommend new teachers, to observe the possible problem happening in the classroom and they will find some smart solutions.

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