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ESA (Engage-Study-Activate) Writing Skills Lesson Plan for an Elementary English Class

ESA (Engage-Study-Activate) Writing Skills Lesson Plan for an Elementary English Class | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Teaching writing skills to elementary English learners can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With a well-structured lesson plan, you can engage students, introduce key concepts, and provide opportunities for practice. In this blog post, we'll walk you through a sample one-hour straight arrow ESA (Engage-Study-Activate) writing skills lesson plan, tailored for an elementary English class.

Engage (10 minutes):

To kickstart the class, begin with a lively warm-up activity that activates students' prior knowledge and generates interest in writing. Consider playing a word association game or showing a short video related to the writing topic. The aim is to ensure that all students actively participate, communicate, and think in English.

Study (25 minutes):

During the study phase, introduce the topic of the lesson, such as "Writing a Friendly Letter" or "Describing a Favorite Place." Present the key elements and structure of the specific type of writing being taught. Engage students through elicitation, encouraging them to contribute their ideas and knowledge. Utilize visual aids, examples, and simple explanations to make the concepts easily understandable for elementary students. Fill any knowledge gaps as needed.

Once the study material is covered, provide guided practice exercises using worksheets to reinforce the concepts taught. For instance, you can offer sentence completion tasks or provide partially written paragraphs for students to complete. These exercises help consolidate their understanding and build confidence in applying the newly learned writing skills.

Activate (20 minutes):

In the activation phase, divide students into pairs or small groups. Assign them a task that requires them to utilize the writing skills they have learned. For example, give each group a prompt and ask them to write a short paragraph together. This collaborative activity promotes communication, cooperation, and the practical application of writing skills.

Following the group activity, encourage peer feedback. Have students exchange their writing with another group. Guide them to provide constructive written feedback and suggestions for improvement. Emphasize the importance of positive feedback, focusing on strengths as well as areas for improvement. This peer feedback fosters a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Summary (5 minutes):

Conclude the lesson with a brief recap of the main points covered, emphasizing the key writing skills and strategies. Provide students with an opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification on any doubts they may have. This summary helps reinforce their understanding and ensures they leave the class with a clear grasp of the lesson's objectives.

Remember, the time allocation for each section can be adjusted based on your students' needs and the complexity of the writing task. The sample lesson plan presented here serves as a flexible framework that can be adapted to suit various writing topics and teaching styles. By engaging students, providing clear explanations, and promoting practice and collaboration, you'll create an effective and enjoyable writing skills lesson for your elementary English learners.

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