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English as a Tool to Globalize World

English as a Tool to Globalize World | ITTT | TEFL Blog

As many scholarly articles define it, globalization is the idea that the world has become more interconnected. The simple outlook on it is that, in a way, the world has become closer through globalization. This is true in many aspects of the changing world such as economics, world trade, language, business, and education. When it comes to education, one aspect of it that has also changed and globalized along with the world is the ability to get an online education. Therefore, online education is a source of globalization. Globalization makes online education possible through the use of technology and people's desires to stay inter-connected.

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One of the components of globalization is technology.

More specifically, how technology has directly impacted the ability of world interconnectedness. When it comes to education, specifically online education, it would not be possible without the use of technology. Technology can exist on its own, but online education cannot exist without technology. Some examples of how technology helps the world with online education rely entirely on what kind of education people are getting. For example, we have online English education for Chinese kids at very young ages (5 and up) who get on the computer every day after school and receive formal English education through a professional program. Then, we have the adults that want to continue learning English, but they cannot travel to a classroom each day, so instead, they opt for an online English course. Lastly, we have people who know plenty of English, but they just need some help to brush up on a few things a couple of days a week. All these students have something in common: they would rather receive their English education online. None of this would be possible without globalization and its growing technology.

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Most likely since humans have existed, so has their desire to stay social and interconnected with each other.

Since English is one of the most widely used languages in the world, people’s desire to have the ability to speak it has increased. This leads to people all over the world wanting easy access to learning the English language. Not everyone has access to good English teachers where they are, so the ability to access these teachers online is vital. This is where globalization and technology come in. Like I mentioned, for many people to stay inter-connected, they need to learn English if they intend to travel or conduct business internationally. Most people cannot be tied down to a classroom while traveling, so globalization made it possible for them to access an English classroom virtually.

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In conclusion, online education is a source of globalization. When it comes to learning English, people's desire for learning the language stems from their equal desire to stay inter-connected. Since English is such a widely spoken language, many people feel that learning the language helps them stay connected with the world. Many of the “mainstream” movies and things happening online come from English speaking countries, which drives people to “keep up with the trends” and stay connected with what’s going on. One important aspect of globalization is technology. Globalization makes the world feel smaller than it actually is, and one way it does that is by the use of technology. When it comes to online education, it cannot exist without technology. People need access to computers and the internet to gain access to online education, and when they do have access, they have the world at their fingertips. This is why globalization in regards to online education is so important, and why online education is a source of globalization.

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