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Useful Information About TEFL Visas and Contracts

Spain has been one of the top destinations in Europe for teaching English abroad for many years, but being able to secure a visa to do it legally is not easy for non-EU citizens. The good news is you can apply for a student visa which allows you to study and teach during your stay.

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Teaching English in France often seems impossible for non-EU citizens. However, if you apply for a French language course, you will receive a student visa allowing you to teach a certain number of hours per week. If you are interested in teaching in France, read on to find out how to legally teach English in France with a student visa.

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With over 300 million English learners, China is the largest EFL market in the world. However, legal gray areas and ever-changing visa regulations can make it difficult to understand how you can exactly teach legally in China. This step-by-step guide will clear up any confusion and get you on the right path!

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