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A Teacher’s Need for a TEFL Certificate

A Teacher’s Need for a TEFL Certificate | ITTT | TEFL Blog

English became the undisputed lingua franca of the modern world. Having a common language, English has led to unprecedented periods of peace in the world and opened up a world of opportunities to people of all creeds, cultures, and backgrounds. Furthermore, English achieved fame through reaching large audiences and became a communication key. Effectively communicating in English quickly became a happy medium for trading, diplomacy, and human relations.

Today more than 57 countries recognize English as an official language. As if this is not enough for the English language, it also enjoys another achievement. The most commonly studied foreign language, all around the world.

To be proficient in English is perhaps the most essential skill through which one can become truly empowered to communicate. Many countries require more English teachers with the necessary skill and passion for enabling learners to make a difference socially and economically.

“TEFL” – Born and Bred

Throughout the last few decades, the way English has been taught has progressively evolved. For the linguistic geeks or nerds among us, terms like the -Classical Method, -the Direct Method or, -The Audio-lingual Method will be familiar. I would assume that most of the audience reading this blog have at least heard about TPR or Total Physical Response? Without doing a deep delve into the history of teaching English, the above-mentioned methodologies form part of the evolution of teaching English.

What the “TEFL” did I just read?

So, where does TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) fit into all the lingo above? In laymen’s terms, it can be viewed as the final piece of the puzzle. The modern TEFL methodology is based on a multitude of research and experiments that were conducted over the last century. It stems mainly from the Communicative approach - “an approach that transcends the boundaries of established methods and techniques.” Hence, the practice of TEFL methodology was born.

In this post, I will explain why modern teachers need to consider adding this qualification to their teaching repertoire if they haven’t already done so.

Why the “TEFL” should I get certified?

Participating in a TEFL accreditation program and earning a TEFL certificate can do the following for a teacher:

  • Equip a teacher with the necessary tools to efficiently teach English to learners of all ages, races, and creeds
  • Shows prospective employers that they are not only proficient at communicating with others in English but that they can effectively transfer their knowledge and skills to others in a sustainable modern way.

It is quite evident that continuous improvement of oneself is at the heart of modern society. As a teacher, we have a responsibility to ourselves, and our learners to ensure that we are best equipped to teach and to empower learners to become proficient at the use of the English language especially in their lives.

On a side note:

Teachers also owe it to themselves to succeed in their careers. A TEFL qualification can assist in providing the following:

  • It opens up a chance to travel around the world either physically or online.
  • Allows teachers who want to travel to obtain a proper work visa.
  • Provides a safety net for teachers,
  • Offers various job opportunities, even online.
  • It acts as a resume booster and may cause a higher-paying job than the average.

A TEFL accredited qualification can be divided into the following:

  • TEFL: No level
  • TEFL: Level 3 (120hr)
  • TEFL: Level 5 (CELTA)
  • TEFL: Level 7 (DELTA) {of course there is always something for the overachievers}

Usually, the time limit on these courses is decided by the involved school or institute. There is no expiration date on a TEFL certificate, and it is usually universally recognized. Teachers can attain a TEFL certificate anytime in their careers.

When all is said and done, a teacher must remember it’s not about only having the skill to speak English. I believe it takes an extraordinary teacher with a special skill to truly teach learners to love English. The majority of English schools and educational companies around the world urge teachers to acquire the skills that a TEFL course provides. Because it reassures them that teachers are properly trained. Attaining a TEFL certificate is paramount to successfully teach English to learners either in person or online. Thus, empowering learners to effectively communicate in English and return play their part in society. Being TEFL certified is a must for all teachers.

*“The best teacher is not the one who knows most but the one who is most capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and wonderful” H.L Mencken.

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