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A Comprehensive Lesson Plan for Intermediate ESL Students in a 1-Hour Class

A Comprehensive Lesson Plan for Intermediate ESL Students in a 1-Hour Class | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Effective communication is a crucial skill for ESL learners, and developing strong speaking abilities is a key aspect of language acquisition. In this blog post, we will explore a comprehensive lesson plan designed specifically for intermediate ESL students. This one-hour class aims to equip learners with the necessary tools to enhance their speaking skills, fostering confidence and fluency. Let's dive into the details!

Part 1: Warm-Up and Introduction (10 minutes)

To create a lively and engaging atmosphere, start the lesson with a warm-up activity that encourages students to actively participate in conversation. This could involve open-ended questions about a specific topic or current event, fostering a sense of connection and familiarity. Additionally, introduce the topic of the speaking lesson, providing an overview of the objectives to focus students' attention on the skills they will develop during the class.

Part 2: Vocabulary and Language Review and Speaking Practice Task (25 minutes)

Begin by reviewing relevant vocabulary and language structures that will be utilized during the speaking activity. Employ interactive methods such as elicitation and examples to reinforce understanding. Consider providing a vocabulary handout or displaying word cards to support the review process. Once the review is complete, introduce a speaking task or prompt that allows students to practice the target skills. This could involve pair or group discussions on a specific topic, with clear instructions and guidelines provided. Monitor students' conversations, offering feedback and assistance when needed, and encourage the use of the target vocabulary and language structures.

After the speaking activity, gather the class together for group feedback and error correction. Give different groups the opportunity to share their discussions or present a summary of their findings. This fosters active listening among students and enables them to provide constructive feedback to their peers. Address any language errors or pronunciation issues that were observed during the activity, focusing on specific areas for improvement and providing guidance on how to overcome challenges.

Part 3: Language Focus and Expansion with Role-Play or Simulation Activity (25 minutes)

Next, introduce a specific language focus based on the errors or challenges identified during the speaking practice. Provide clear explanations, examples, and additional practice activities to enhance students' language usage. This may involve reviewing grammar rules, collocations, idiomatic expressions, or engaging in pronunciation drills. To solidify their understanding, engage students in a role-play or simulation activity that allows them to apply the newly acquired language skills within a practical context. Provide a scenario or assign specific roles, encouraging authentic interaction and responses using the target language.


As the lesson draws to a close, summarize the key points covered, emphasizing the target speaking skills and language focus. Provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their progress and ask any final questions. Depending on your teaching situation, consider assigning a follow-up task such as a written reflection or a short assignment, allowing students to reinforce and practice the speaking skills and language structures covered during the lesson.

By implementing this comprehensive lesson plan, designed specifically for intermediate ESL students, you can create an engaging and effective environment for enhancing their speaking skills. With regular practice and targeted guidance, students will gain confidence, fluency, and the ability to communicate effectively in English.

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