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7 Alternatives to Boring English Worksheets

7 Alternatives to Boring English Worksheets | ITTT | TEFL Blog

The grammar worksheet is an integral part of any English class. It’s straight-forward and gets the job done. Nevertheless, both teachers and students always welcome alternatives to the, often so boring, worksheets. Here you go - ten alternatives to boring English worksheets!

1. Videos

These days, a lot of learning occurs visually and many more students respond to visual learning. Have your students make their own videos or research and show videos relating to an English grammar point to the class for a great alternative to a worksheet - it will really get your students excited!

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2. Interactive Pieces

Yes, interactive notebooks can be a lot of work, and teachers often lack the time to create them with all students. However, the effort is really priceless. The students can experience the engaging part with the pieces – either alone or on colored/construction paper. The students are interacting, which is exactly what you want!

3. Scrambles

This is a lot of fun and your students are going to love it. You start with a regular worksheet but then have the students cut the sentences apart. Next, you have them glue or tape the pieces back together to make them grammatically correct. This really gets their English brains going and also engages them because they love destroying things and then putting them back together!

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4. Flipping Books

This is a great way to keep your students organized throughout the year. Change up the way your students take notes and have them make lists. For example, your students can personalize flipping books, color code them, and add helpful tips and tricks.

5. Stations

Incorporating stations into your lessons is perfect for students who dislike sitting and those who love working with a partner. To do this, you cut apart different sections of a worksheet and “station” them around the room. Then, divide your students into groups, set a timer, and have them switch to the next station after the time is up.

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6. Coloring Sheets

Kids love coloring! Did you know there is a way to color by grammar? Oh yes!Here’s an example: You find a black and white picture and add numbers to different sections. Next, create a list of sentences or words and create a coloring key (for instance, nouns black, pronouns blue, etc.). The students can now color the words in the correct color with the coloring key provided. Super easy and so much fun!

7. Non-Fiction

Not everyone enjoys literature and a lot of students easily get bored with “made up” sentences on grammar sheets. To avoid this, you can simply find a piece of non-fiction and give your students an assignment, such as: highlight phrases with a pink marker, dependent clauses with a yellow one, and so on.

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Are you ready to revamp your worksheets?

There you have it! Seven alternatives to boring English worksheets. What would you add to this list?

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