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6 Reasons Why I am Happy to Obtain My TEFL Certificate

6 Reasons Why I am Happy to Obtain My TEFL Certificate | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Let us start off with a question. Should you have a TEFL certification to teach English abroad? If you do not. I do recommend you do. These are the six reasons you should.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Devin D. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

1. Future Goals

The first reason is respect for your future students. It is easy to get distracted by how awesome it will be to live in another country. Unless you have years of experience teaching English, you owe it to your future students to complete a TEFL course. No matter who you are teaching, someone is paying a lot of money for your services. The parents or the student might be paying the school with their life savings. You can only imagine how hard it is to pay high tuition fees coming from a third world country. Your success as an English teacher may very well be the difference in a student's future prosperity or extreme poverty.

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2. Successful Decision

The second reason is you want to put yourself in a position for success. Suppose you want to be a mechanic. You have no experience working on cars and you have no training. You're hired and the boss wants you to fix this car. How do you begin on fixing the car! I would suggest not to apply for a job you do not feel prepared for. I would advise that you should not apply for a teaching job without the proper training.

3. Stress Relieve

The third reason is to avoid unnecessary stress. I have traveled to non-English speaking countries outside of the United States of America before. When moving to a different country getting acclimated to a new culture is stressful enough. I would advise you not to create even more stress by researching and teaching yourself how to create a new lesson plan on your days off. If you complete a TEFL course, it's going to help with lesson planning. I can only imagine how stressful this job can be. I would advise you to enjoy your days off to relieve the accumulated stress of the workweek.

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4. Ready for Difficulties

The fourth reason is you must be prepared if your class breaks out into chaos. When it comes to young students, it can be challenging. These students can act out from time to time, they are children after all. The TEFL course does not just teach you how to plan a new lesson and teach English. This training will teach you classroom management. Classroom management training will help you by preventing you from losing your temper and properly disciplining the children.

5. Travel Opportunities

The fifth reason for taking the TEFL course abroad is to prepare for teaching in another country. I chose not too because I have traveled to both Latin America and Asia. I advise anyone who has never been to a non-English foreign country to do so. One reason is you probably want to know if you can handle it before choosing this career. It is an excellent opportunity to experience a new culture and try new ethnic foods. It gives you an idea of how the average native lives. Also depending on the country, you may experience a different kind of climate to your own homeland.

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6. Various Job Choices

The sixth reason is you will have more job opportunities. More reputable schools will be more likely to hire you if you complete a TEFL training course. When it comes to not so reputable schools, they will take you over the person who doesn't have a TEFL certification. Having it may help you negotiate a higher salary.

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