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5 Best Activities to Review Future Perfect Continuous

5 Best Activities to Review Future Perfect Continuous | ITTT | TEFL Blog

When it comes to teaching more complex grammatical structures, TEFL teachers tend to dig deep with formal explanations. However, students need to be able to implement new grammar in real-life situations.

The following classroom games will help you create a positive atmosphere for practicing the future perfect continuous with ease.

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1. My Evil Twin

Ask students to imagine they have an evil twin. Each person shares what their evil twin will have been doing until a certain time (today/this week/this month/this year).

E.g.: My evil twin will have been hunting bunnies until 10 pm today.

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2. 10 Years From Now

Ask your students what they will have been doing 10 years from now. For how long? Each person needs to write 10 statements describing what they will have been doing and for how long between now and then.

E.g.: I will have been working as a teacher for 8 years.

3. All in a Day’s Work

Have your students brainstorm a list of different careers in small groups (3-4 people). Then, using those careers, the group writes something a person will have been doing for several hours in their work shifts.

E.g.: Steve, a bus driver, will be driving the bus for 3 hours.

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4. A Busy School Year

Ask students to write what they have been doing since the beginning of the school year or another period of time. They need to list 5-10 activities, then think about how long they will have been doing these activities once the school year/semester ends. Each person writes 1 paragraph.

5. By the Time

Arrange your students in pairs. Student 1 starts by identifying a future time with the phrase "By the time..." + a sentence in the simple present. S2 completes the sentence with the main clause using the future perfect continuous. A complete sentence could be, "By the time I finish “War and Peace”, I will have been reading it for 10 years."

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The benefit of these grammar games is that students associate the grammar point with real-life situations. Plus, these activities are very easy to organize as they don’t require any additional materials.

Anyway, remember about clear instructions that all students understand how to work fast. Use more vivid examples.

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