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4 Reasons Why Using Songs in the Classroom is Important

4 Reasons Why Using Songs in the Classroom is Important | ITTT | TEFL Blog

We all probably know, that music has no language. It is kindly welcomed by all nations equally, as well as all races, ages and cultures. So how can music or songs help us to teach English and to do it more effectively?

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Alena A.

Music aids memory

Music lets us go deeper into conscious that anything else, it is much more memorable, so the words and grammar structures may be remembered much faster. It also helps to relax and to feel happy, so using songs in the classroom is not only a good idea, but it is also an extremely necessary part of teaching and language acquisition.

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Songs can teach vocabulary

Music has no language, as I have said before, but it does have huge power. Everyone understands whether the song is sad or happy, slow or fast, quiet or loud. Based on this, the teacher may build activities and use songs to explain what kind of things he/she is expecting from his/her students to do. Songs may help students to understand some basic vocabulary, for example the words slow and fast are very funny to learn with the kids using the same pace of the song

Music provides clear patterns to follow

We all like clear patterns, which we may easily follow and get a good result in a short period of time. A song may be such kind of a pattern. Especially it works well with the kids. Wherever the teacher need the learners to gather together, to sit down and listen, to make any kind of a movement or anything, he/she may use a special song for it. It will give the students the feeling of understanding what is happening and also the desire to follow, if they like the music.

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Using songs and music build rapport

Music helps us to establish a connection and break the ice with students very quickly. It can become a way of communication, a kind of connection between the teacher and students. It has some kind of empathy- when you repeat the words and movements after someone, you feel connected to the person, and connection is really important within the class, because no-one wants to study in a bad atmosphere.

We can conclude that songs in the class are extremely important and it doesn't matter whether it is a class of adults or young learners. For both sets of students they represent an amazing way to memorize things faster and better. For the teacher, the advantages of using songs are even better because they may help to organize the class, to set up an activity, to make a game, to establish a connection with the students and break the ice, along with many other things.

Using songs makes lessons more memorable funny so it would be not wise to not use such a helpful tool. I use songs in the classroom quite frequently and hope that all the teachers may appreciate this nice way of teaching.

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