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4 Reasons Why Completing a TEFL Course is a Good Idea for EFL Teachers

4 Reasons Why Completing a TEFL Course is a Good Idea for EFL Teachers | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Taking a TEFL course allows future teachers to know the basics of teaching a TEFL class. A TEFL course shows the best techniques of teaching a TEFL class, and how to prepare a lesson plan. It also shows how to use a coursebook and how to interact with specific types of classes.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate William T. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

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1. Good Preparation For a Real Life Teaching

For many people that want to teach English to foreign students, this will be their first time teaching. The course helps future teachers learn the basics of what is needed to teach a class properly. The course goes over the different parts of grammar, written and oral that are often taught in a TEFL class. A TEFL course helps future teachers to be better prepared for teaching a TEFL class for the first time. Some problems often arise in a classroom and the practical solutions to those problems. For example, checking and preparing a presentation on a projector. Sometimes technology does not want to work properly, and it is a good idea to set up the projector before class. As well as having a backup plan in case the projector does not work.

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2. Methodology

The TEFL course also goes over the types of teaching techniques, such as group activities and board work. The course also goes over how to lesson plan to ensure that the lesson goes smoothly and the lesson can be completed by the end of the class. The course also teaches that lesson planning is a good idea, so there is a record of what has been taught and what will be taught in the next couple of classes.

3. Coursebooks

This specific TEFL course also teaches the learner about course books that are popular to TEFL classes. The course also explains why course books are beneficial to the learning of the students. The course also shows the disadvantages of course books. For example, course books may not always meet the needs of the students. But a solution can be to omit parts of the coursebook and to supplement or replace parts to better fit the needs of the class.

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4. Balance

TEFL courses teach how to balance the role of the teacher and how the teacher should interact with the class. One example is to not correct every mistake made by the students. Another piece of important info taught in TEFL classes, is how to teach different types of classes, or even just one on one lessons. Many of the things taught in a TEFL class are things that someone would never really think about until they teach a class. TEFL courses like the one I am completing help the learner to know what is needed for teaching classes beforehand. These courses help the learner to think about the different parts of the English language, and how to use different teaching methods. Lastly taking a TEFL course allows schools that are hiring to see that the potential teacher knows the basics of a TEFL lesson. The certificate also shows that the potential teacher is dedicated to becoming the best teacher they can be.

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TEFL courses help future teachers to better understand what is needed to effectively teach a TEFL class. With a course like this one, teachers will be able to better teach students and to be prepared for all of the situations at arising in a classroom.

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