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3 Awesome Reasons to Become an EFL Teacher Abroad

3 Awesome Reasons to Become an EFL Teacher Abroad | ITTT | TEFL Blog

A teacher, in general, has the direct opportunity to make a difference and to change the future. As a teacher, you will expect every one of your students to want to learn and more importantly to understand. You want your students to fight over the seats in the front row as if they were attending a concert, not elementary school. You want to make your students wonder, make them question, make them think critically, make them write and of course to make them read.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Tebogo Z.

Reason 1: You’ll see amazing new things!

Being a TEFL teacher exposes you to a world of different nations, cultures and the greatest diversity of personalities. It will broaden your sociological insight through learning from your learners’ own experiences. While it is true that there can be a lot of change and challenges with any career you pursue, there is a unique challenge that comes with living abroad. Being away from the safety of your hometown and your family and friends will force you to learn to fend for yourself. There are always new things popping up, and trying to overcome these challenges is always a fresh adventure. You are constantly learning new things and you could not appreciate this more!

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Reason 2: You’ll increase your adaptability!

Becoming a TEFL teacher teaches you how to adapt and react when under pressure. When an activity that you thought would take half an hour only fills up five minutes, you have got to be able to think on your feet and come up with something to fill the time with. The best TEFL teachers can roll with the punches no matter what is going on in class. Even if it turns out that they can’t teach the lesson they had planned, they can adapt just about any situation into a chance for the kids to learn. It is important to remember that TEFL can open up a world of opportunity, change, innovation and inspiration whatever your age.

Reason 3: You’ll broaden your personal horizons!

By becoming a TEFL teacher you discover new ways of expressing something that is usually written or said in a universal way by native English speakers. Becoming a TEFL teacher will also broaden your vocabulary. It will allow you to see different perspectives of topics and conversations with your students, answer weird questions, and to see the bigger picture about current events at home and abroad.

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In conclusion, one can say that becoming a TEFL teacher is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do for yourself. If you have a love for teaching and want to see people or children succeed then this would be the best career choice for you. Just always remember that a TEFL teacher should have a lot of patience as well as the ability to stay calm in stressful situations. Always remember that your students are not native English speakers thus the language will not always come easily to them. Teaching is an especially rewarding profession for those who want to help students reach their potential and if you are doing it as a TEFL teacher it will feel like a personal accomplishment seeing your students use all that you have taught them in the real world.

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