Living and Teaching English in India - Habits, Customs & Curiosities

Due to India’s colonial past and English being an official language, the demand for qualified EFL teachers is very strong in this region.

The country’s vibrant culture, impressive historic and cultural sites, as well as its unique and beautiful landscapes make it a wonderful place to explore while living abroad as an English language teacher.

This page features a range of guides that should give you some idea of what to expect once you arrive in India, from local customs, festivals and cuisine, to the best places to visit across the country.

Travel Tips India

As it has the second largest population in the world at around 1.2 billion, there are obviously plenty of opportunities for EFL teachers across India.
If you intend to join this number by providing a valuable service for those less privileged, there are plenty of things you will want to know about India before you set off.
You will also find some simple Hindi words and phrases to get you started.
Although well-paid positions are not easy to find, many people visit the country every year to offer their services on a voluntary basis or for a small stipend.
Take a look at this basic guide for tips on vaccinations, when and where to go, and foods to try once you get there.

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Things to Do in Goa

Although it is India’s smallest state, Goa is one of the country’s most popular destinations for tourists due to its excellent beaches, extensive watersport options, lively nightlife, and low cost of living.
You will also find suggestions on the best beaches for kite-surfing, wind-surfing and kayaking, as well as where to head to find the region’s most vibrant clubs, festivals and beach parties.
Here you will find a list of great things to see and do while in the state, from henna tattoos and flea markets, to river cruises and dolphin watching.

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Top 5 Beaches in Goa

Goa is the destination of choice for many visitors to India thanks to the 125 km of world-class beaches that line its coast.
Whether you are looking for a beach that offers a choice of watersports, cheap accommodation and a lively party atmosphere, or you prefer pristine sands and an exotic cocktail under a swaying palm tree, you will find a beach for you in Goa.
Although there are in the region of 50 great beaches in the state to choose from, this list of the top 5 should give you some idea of where to head first.

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Mumbai Street Food

The city of Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is India’s most populous city and the home of some of the best street food in the whole of Asia.
This list describes some of the most popular offerings, from traditional fast food favorites such as pav bhaji, vada pav, and behlpuri, to tasty snacks including samosas and panipuri.
Wherever you are in this huge city you will find countless food stalls lining the streets that offer a wide range of mouthwatering dishes.
During your stay in Mumbai, make sure you try as many of these delicious foods as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on something special.

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Indian Food Guide

Thanks to the widespread migration of Indian people over many years, Indian cuisine has become one of the most popular international foods in many parts of the world.
Due to vast differences in climate and culture, each region has developed its own unique range of dishes that vary significantly in the ingredients used.
Read on for a full break down of delicious Indian cuisine by region.
However, many curry lovers who live outside the country are probably unaware of the huge diversity of Indian food that can be found within its homeland.
From Punjab in the north which is known for favorites such as balti curries and butter chicken, to South India where spicy vindaloos and dopiazas are the dishes of choice.

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Hinduism Guide

As Hinduism is followed by around 80% of India’s population and plays an important part in many aspects of Indian culture, it might be useful for anyone planning to spend some time in the country to have a basic understanding of the religion before they arrive.
It also looks at the different forms of worship you might come across during your stay and explains some of the most common terms associated with Hinduism, such as Brahman, karma and samsara.
This infographic explains some of the most important parts of Hinduism, including the two different types of scripture and the four main traditions that are followed.

Things to Do in Kerala

The Indian state of Kerela, located in the far south of the country, is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole region.
The state is home to many natural wonders that you won’t want to miss, including the beautiful sandalwood forests at Marayoor, and the peaceful Kerela Backwaters which can be explored by jumping on a relaxing houseboat.
Read on for more great ideas of things to do when in Kerela.
Thanks to a great mix of attractions that includes beaches, palaces, wildlife sanctuaries, lakes, waterfalls, and mountain ranges, Kerela attracts more and more visitors every year.
Martial arts fans will also want to check out a kalaripayattu bout as this form of fighting is considered to be one of the oldest in the world.

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Top 5 Beaches in Kerala

With over 500 km of coastline on the Arabian Sea, the Indian state of Kerela is a beach lover’s paradise.
If you find yourself working in India as an English language teacher, whether on a paid basis or as a volunteer, you will find few better places than Kerela’s beaches to recharge your energy after a long stint in the classroom.
This guide highlights five of the best beaches in the state, from the serenity of the northern beaches such as Bekal and Payyambalam, to the livelier beaches around Kovalam in the south.

SOURCE: www . tripcrafters . com/travel/beaches-in-kerala

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The Taj Mahal

Completed in the mid-17th century, the majestic Taj Mahal is surely one of the most beautiful buildings ever constructed in India or anywhere else in the world.
Built using white marble that is inlaid with semi-precious stones, the mausoleum is surrounded by peaceful gardens that provide an extraordinary oasis of calm in the heart of the bustling city of Agra.
No visit to India would be complete without visiting this stunning mausoleum which was built by the Moghal Emperor, Shah Jahan, to house the body of his favorite wife.
The exceptional beauty and widespread popularity of the Taj was further highlighted in 2007 when it was named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, as voted for by the general public worldwide.

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Darjeeling Guide

Located in the cooler climes of the Lesser Himalayas in West Bengal, the famous town of Darjeeling has long been a popular destination for people looking to escape the summer heat of the Indian Plains.
One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, also known as the Toy Train, which offers spectacular train journeys through some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery.
Today, it is very popular with national and international tourists who come to enjoy the stunning natural beauty and a range of activities such as hiking, white water rafting, paragliding, and hot air ballooning.
This infographic provides a great insight into this popular town that is also known as the Queen of the Hills.

SOURCE: www . mapsofworld . com/travel/destinations/india/darjeeling

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Rajasthan Guide

The Indian state of Rajasthan, which translates as the ‘land of kings’, is the largest by area in the country and the home of many great attractions which draw visitors from all over the world.
Elsewhere you can enjoy a wide variety of activities from camel safaris among the sand dunes of the Thar Desert, to tiger spotting in the Ranthambore National Park.
Jaipur, the largest city in the state, has several fascinating forts and palaces to explore, as well as plenty of local markets, restaurants and modern shopping malls.
This guide to Rajasthan provides more details on where to go, when to go there, and what to do when you get there.

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Diwali Festival Guide

The Hindu festival of lights known as Diwali is the third most celebrated festival in the world after Christmas and the Islamic festival of Eid.
All over the country the dark night is lit up by countless candles, lanterns and fireworks making for an unforgettable experience.
If you are lucky enough to be in the country during October and November you will get to enjoy one of the most vibrant and joyous occasions in the Indian calendar.
The festival lasts for a five day period, although the fifth day is the most important when families get together for large feasts and gifts are exchanged.

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