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E.G. - Hungary said:
course experienceI've tought two korean little chap from September. Their level is elementary. I saw from the beginning that I couldn't use those exercises in the study phase that I've recived. Principles can be used but a different approach is needed with four and five years old kids. They can not read but they can identify the letters and sing few English songs but mostly they do not understand them. So, I've started to play with them whatever they want and try just talk to them and name every action that we do, read books, question them constatnly, try to get them participate actively. Oh, they are individual students. I go to their home on different days and spend two hours with them. When I started to teach them I needed to search methods and activities in the lessons that can be used. The first what I could use in practice, with these kids, was the difference between phases. What is the pourpose of each, what shuld and shouldn't be done in each. I can use games playing with words with the older kid, but the younger one has no interest in them. Of course they haven't any motivation in speaking English, as I've red in the lessons, so I constantly initiate with 'engage phase' speaking activities, such as word linking, I spy . Hangman, gap fill and word searches can be used from the study phase, with the five years old ; he likes them. I learned that I need to create interest and necessity to speak English. But the question was in the situation again : how . I've already tried 'everything', but he doesn't want to answer or do the activities that I planned at home. In this case comes the 'activate phase' kind of like this : we start to play what he wants, that can be Lego city with men, vehicles, ninjas and transformers only, of course. I just enjoy the time with him, try to show that I expect him as he is, I like the fellowship with him ; I do it for the pourpose of establish rapport. In this atmosphere I initiate communication, again, as the game goes on. He constantly recives questions that are answerable for sure in order to being in the mood to speak. At this point I'm trying with my plans again using the vocabulary that he already knows, explaining everything with the toys, that are at hand, asking comprehension questions and it serves as the 'activate stage' also becouse we put everything in practice. As I went on the course, I continually discovered, that it is full of great principles that are actually the nature of God but not mentioned that they are biblical principles. For instance : not raising your voice, being calm, gentle, patient, not gossiping, ''you show the same respect for your students as you recpect from them'' are all the nature of God of the Bible. God says '' I will counsel you with my eyes'' ; this came into my mind as I read about eye contact. Isn't that great? It is wonderful that the content of the course and you personally, as my tutor, reveal the nature of our Creator ; but in the same time it is sorrowful that we live in a world that acknowledge and use the characteristics of our Creator but doesn't dare or doesn't want to name it or proclame it.