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T.K. - Australia said:
Classroom ManagementWhen a teacher first enters a classroom for the first time it is very common to be nervous. All these thoughts come to mind: "What if the students don't respect me, what if I can't teach them anything, what if I can't answer their questions, what if they get bored, what if they are too noisy?" etc. This list of ?what if's? can go on forever... Each teacher has so many fears when entering a classroom and they all have to do with classroom management and how students will accept you as a teacher. Classroom management is one of the biggest problems when one becomes a teacher. The idea of standing in front of how many students each time is a scary thought. How they will act in your presence is something no one knows. You can be the best teacher in the world, have the best teaching techniques, have the best knowledge on your subject but still encounter a class that you cannot control. Sometimes in classrooms you can get the best students which are best behaved at all times. Other times you can get a mixed combination of student which is sometimes hard to control, as the "troublemakers" may be able to carry away the quiet students. Then of course there are the classrooms where discipline lacks entirely and there is chaos and it's every teacher?s nightmare. Managing a classroom all in all shouldn?t be that hard. It is entirely up to the teacher?s personality and experience in the classroom. If the teacher has a strong attitude and a lot of confidence they can easily control their class. The teacher is the main focus in a new classroom all the attention is on them. So it is up to the teacher to make a good first impression. As it is easily understood when entering a classroom all the students are also as nervous as the teacher. They are waiting to see what their new teacher looks like, how nice they are, if they are strict, fun, serious etc. The idea is not to allow them to break you on the first days. As a teacher you have to be strong and confident and not show any fear. It is you who has the power and the upper hand. They are there to learn and you are there to teach them. It is as simple as that. And that?s how everyone should see it. If they try to make your life hard you still have to show no fear or disturbance and just deal with it patiently and firmly showing them you are in charge. The classroom is a place to learn, not to create trouble or play in. That?s all the students need to understand. If you can manage that in your class you can then bring the fun times in also. If there is a good relationship between students and teachers the classroom and the lesson can be both fun and serious when needed. There has to be balance, students need to be aware of proper study time and fun time, when that balance is achieved in the classroom the lessons can be real fun and enjoyable. The main idea of managing a classroom is to be positive, friendly, serious and supportive. students appreciate it when you have true values. You can?t afford to be too friendly or too strict. It never works. All in all it is a hard job to keep everyone happy in the classroom, but with a bit of understanding from both sides the teaching experience can be very beneficial and in a well managed classroom the outcome can be incredible. Instead of both teacher and students dreading the moment they enter the room, the feeling is the complete opposite and a generally happy feeling arises.