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A. J. & J. S. - USA said:
English as a global language English is used all around the world. Most commonly, it has dominated the business world. As someone with an anthropological background, this is a very difficult concept to rationalize. Currently there are approximately seven thousand spoken languages in the world. This number is constantly dwindling as the last speaker of that language dies. This is evident when looking at the Native American tribes. When European settlers arrived in, what is now called, America there were hundreds of tribes with their own languages. Most of these languages are completely dead. As a person whose goal is to conserve cultural heritage, globalization and the creation of a global language is a sad thought. But at the same time it is inevitable due to technology and the need to communicate. Around the world English is becoming more and more common place. I have also noticed many chinese people speak English. I have asked a couple of people why they learned English. The majority response is because they do business with foreigners. living in china has given us a greater perspective on how English is becoming more necessary and popular. The city that we are currently living in is very small in comparison to others in china. There are very few foreigners and it is actually surprising to see new ones. In the city there is a Lotus branch. Lotus is a car company. They bring in foreigners from many different countries. There are Americans, British, and Malaysians, to name a few. All of these people have two things in common, they are engineers and they speak English. One of the Malaysian men has a son who attends the school that we are currently working at. He speaks Malaysian, English and a little chinese. I asked his father one day, who also speaks English, if he taught Adam English. His father replied ?no, he watches a lot of American TV.? This floored me. In Malaysia, English is becoming the primary language. The schools are beginning to teach all subjects in English and focus less on Malay. Many people in Malaysia speak 3 languages Malay, chinese, and English. Another big reason for English becoming a global language is tourism. Westerners are perceived to have a large amount of money and take many international vacations. This is true in some respects, but not as extravagant as many believe. Many areas in non-english speaking countries that have tourist attractions are heavily influenced by English. For example, in Cancun Mexico almost everyone around the tourist area and all of the resorts can speak English. The companies that run these very popular resorts know that the majority of their patrons will speak English, thus it is beneficial for their staff to speak English as well. This creates a warmer environment and makes people want to spend time there. In china this is very common as well. In cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and even Harbin many people around the tourist center will speak English. This cycle of learning English to communicate with English speakers and English speakers seeking new opportunities on other countries continues the globalization of English. English is inevitably becoming the global language. People learn English for many different reasons, but it is all leading to the same result. In some respects in the future native english speakers will be at a disadvantage compared to their bi-lingual counterparts, as there is no real motivation for English speakers to learn a second language. As technology grows and international trade continues the progression of English around the world will continue and a very rapid pace.