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Course Online: 60-hour certification Course in Teaching Grammar and Phonology (TGP)



60-hour Certification Course in Teaching Grammar and Phonology (TGP)
special price on offer from
US$ 175 US$ 99
Apply now & get certified to teach english abroad!

Our 60-hour TGP course is particularly for those with no prior TEFL or TESOL certification who want to focus on two key areas of EFL teaching. Covering the fundamentals of English grammar and Phonology taught at most EFL learner levels, the course will prepare you for almost all teaching situations and will work as an effective refresher course for anyone who completed their TEFL certification some time ago.

popular feature of the course is its flexibility which allows you to work through it at a pace that suits your circumstances. Successful completion of this course will also provide access to our unique support services for the duration of one year.

Once you have logged-in to the system you can then access the course materials which can be studied online or downloaded to your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

After you have studied the materials for each unit your understanding of it will be assessed, allowing you to move on to the next unit. Once you have successfully completed all the units, by scoring 75% or more on average, there follows a final essay writing task. The task will be submitted online for assessment and on successful completion you will graduate from the course and receive your 60-hour TGP certificate.

Tutor Support

With our tutored option you will receive the valuable support and assistance of our experienced and dedicated online tutors for the duration of the course. At any time you will be able to contact an online tutor with whatever problems or questions you may have. All your correspondence will be answered via email within one working day.

Course Components

Unit 1 ESA methodology
Unit 2 Parts of speech
Unit 3 Present tenses
Unit 4 Past tenses
Unit 5 Future tenses
Unit 6 Teaching phonology: Pronunciation
Unit 7 Teaching phonology: Articulation and the IPA
Unit 8 Conditionals
Unit 9 Reported speech and passive voice
Unit 10 Modals, Phrasal verbs and relative clauses
Summative task

Why Choose a TEFL/TESOL Course with Tutor Support?

Taking one of our courses with tutor support offers numerous advantages and we have found that students that have a tutor to guide them generally achieve better grades.

60-hour Certification Course in Teaching Grammar and Phonology (TGP) with tutor
special price on offer from
US$ 250 US$ 149
Apply now & get certified to teach english abroad!
60-hour Certification Course in Teaching Grammar and Phonology (TGP)
special price on offer from
US$ 175 US$ 99
Apply now & get certified to teach english abroad!