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Why it was a Great Idea for Me to Obtain a TEFL Certificate

Why it was a Great Idea for Me to Obtain a TEFL Certificate | ITTT | TEFL Blog

The best things I have learned as a teacher and taking the 470H TESOL Professional Package are patience, persistence, and management of handling students. With this course, I found that I felt much more confident in areas such as classroom management and planning lessons but this is probably due to my own experiences and previous jobs and volunteering work. With the TEFL course, you can focus on your areas of weakness which are a good plus point. I found the course to be flexible and I appreciated that I was able to work at my own pace, spending more time on the areas I needed to. This aspect gives the TEFL course a more personalized feel, rather than having to rush through and risk not understanding things fully.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Nelida N. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

My Teaching Path

Teaching is my passion, it gives me enjoyment, knowledge of learning new methods of teaching every day. Teaching is considered as a noble job; it is the most honorable job where you will get the opportunity to work on difficult sides of the students. After parents, it's your role to mold, nourish, and create a better person for the future goals of your students. In traditional teaching methods, scolding and punishments were the proper way of teaching, and strictness and sternness were considered as the main gestures of being a teacher. In the modern teaching method, which was invented by Maria Montessori, the medical practitioner, students are free to describe their opinion with teachers without any fear and embarrassment. Student's behavior should be soothing and polite while having conversations with their respected teachers. According to me, I don't like to chide my students, I am very much jovial with them, I try to understand their difficult path and try to work on them. Teaching helps to build self-confidence, interaction skills, and innovation. Teaching gives me pleasure, it’s like exerting oxygen in the air.

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The Level of Expertise

It is the most awful thing as a teacher when you are not so expert to deal with students according to their psychology. I am trying to develop my skills to understand their psychology. Teaching needs enormous knowledge which you had, and you are learning day by day to make yourself experienced and up-to-date. Teaching makes you a smart and voracious reader. I have been teaching since my college days, though I am not a permanent teacher anywhere I always try to create and develop myself to be the better teacher for our future generation.

Overall, the course is wide-ranging as it covers an extensive number of themes including theory, teaching methods, grammar, lesson planning, classroom management, and so on. All aspects of teaching are touched upon so I feel much more self-assured before I would go abroad to teach. Even though I have previous teaching experiences, I have learned a huge amount and I am hoping to be able to benefit from the course content.

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I would recommend the course as it is easy to access, time-efficient and practical. I would say that it would be beneficial to those like me who do have some prior experience but also to those who have never set foot in a classroom or picked up a lesson plan!

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