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What Are the Advantages of Taking and Competing A TEFL Course

What Are the Advantages of Taking and Competing A TEFL Course | ITTT | TEFL Blog

There are many advantages for anyone to gain by taking and completing a TEFL course. There are also numerous English teaching jobs all around the world that need to be filled. Completing a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course will open up a whole new world if you ever wanted to live abroad and teach English. Most countries require an accredited TEFL certificate to get good English teaching jobs. Taking and completing a TEFL course will help prepare you with the proper skills to be a good English teacher, help others, and travel the world at the same time.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Robin V. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Making a Difference in Other Peoples Lives

By completing a TEFL course, it will allow you to help give you the skills to change many people's lives. There are so many achievements people can make with the ability to communicate in the English language. Some examples include, someone might want to advance in their company, but they need to have the ability to communicate in English. Another reason might be they want to study abroad where English is the native language. They might have family or friends that live abroad, and they would like to travel to visit. With your help teaching them the English language, you are helping them to change their lives and their families for the better.

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Gaining New Skills for Yourself

Some of the skills you will have learned after completing a TEFL course are your roles as a teacher, how to create good lesson plans, methods of teaching, and how to troubleshoot. While taking a TEFL course, you will gain knowledge of different places you can go for help with teaching materials such as games, worksheets, and different kinds of visuals to aid you with your lesson planning. You will also learn skills in teaching pronunciation, grammar, and how to teach all the tenses in the English language. When taking a TEFL course, you will learn about how to teach new vocabulary and intonation. One of the most important things in teaching English is to keep students motivated. Taking a TEFL course will teach how to help keep students motivated. Taking a TEFL course, you will learn how important it is to create a good rapport with the class and some ways of creating a good rapport. During the course, you will learn some proper ways of doing board work, and ways to include teaching aids into the lessons to make lessons easier for the teacher and the students. After taking and completing a TEFL course, you will have learned skills to help you be a better English teacher.

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Traveling the World

Some would say that someone with a TEFL certificate would have a better chance of getting a good English teaching job than those without one. With a TEFL certificate, you will be able to find good jobs teaching English and earn money to aid you in your travels. Taking and completing a TEFL course will allow you to travel the world and experience new cultures. Because you will be living amongst the people while teaching English, you will be able to learn about new cultures, what they eat, how everyday life is lived. You will also meet new and exciting people from all over the world, and gain new friendships that can last forever.

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In closing, taking and completing a TEFL course will help you immensely with your teaching career, especially if you have no experience with teaching English to non-native speakers. Even though some schools don't require a TEFL certificate to teach English, many English schools around the world do require students or parents of students to pay to be able to learn the English language. By taking and completing a TEFL course, you will be given the proper training so everyone you teach can have the comfort of knowing their teacher is teaching them English the correct way.

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