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The Teacher’s Role as a Duty

The Teacher’s Role as a Duty | ITTT | TEFL Blog

A role is a form of duty that one performs. A teacher will adopt a teaching style that typically reflects his or her general personality in some way. If the teacher tries to be someone or something she or he is not, for eight hours a day, it will soon become tedious and very hard work. No matter the style the teacher will be applying, the teacher needs different roles in a classroom given the situation that arises and lesson plan.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate GLADYS N. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

There are many roles of a teacher. I will list each of them and also give examples that may apply to each role of a teacher.

The first role is the teacher as an Instructor.

Here the teacher is the knower of a certain body of knowledge. A teacher mostly plays this role during the study phase of a lesson where explaining concepts to the students is done and needed. This can also be seen when the teacher talking time is more and takes almost full time talking while the students are listening.

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The second role of a teacher is Facilitator.

The teacher is the provider of a learning environment. When a teacher divides the students into groups for an activity in the classroom during like for them to later present it in front of the class. This is mostly in the active phase of the lesson where the teacher organizes the students for different roles. Here the teacher does not teach but just helps students in their organization.

The third role of a teacher is a Mentor.

The teacher acts as a role model for the students in the class. Here learning can take place through students observing the teacher and liking how a teacher carries out herself or carries out things and the students ends up being influenced by the teacher. The teacher may also encourage students.

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The fourth role of a teacher is a Psychologist.

The teacher deals with the personal problems of a student. This is done outside lesson time whereby maybe having personal challenges the teacher can help the student. If a student's morale in class is very down the teacher can call the student aside and find what the problem is with the student.

The fifth role of a teacher is Counsellor.

The teacher gives help or advice to the students. For instance, a is having some problems the teacher can offer the students guidance and counseling according to the challenge one is encountering.

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The sixth role of a teacher is Policeman.

The teacher does crowd control. Like dealing with a student who is two students distracting others. The teacher can move the students by separating them by rearranging two students sitting next to each other. The teacher mainly maintains order in class.

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A teacher needs to incorporate these roles in a class when teaching as they need may arise accordingly. Also, a teacher can reward students who do well in the class when they do well in their studies.

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