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The Characteristics of Teaching Styles

The Characteristics of Teaching Styles | ITTT | TEFL Blog

It refers to the reasonable combination and application of skills and skills formed by a teacher in the long-term classroom teaching practice, reflecting the consistent and stable psychological quality of teaching. Each teacher has her or his unique style, that developed through time. Throughout teacher users' different teaching styles to make an expression on their students and hope for his or her students to learn the best of knowledge.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Ramy M. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Specifically speaking, classroom teaching style has the following basic five characteristics:


This kind of style is mainly manifested in the following aspects: the teacher's lecture is simple, clear, analytical, closely linked, the rigorous demonstration, rigorous structure, logical power of thinking to attract students' attention, and rational control of classroom teaching process. By listening to the teacher's lectures, students not only learn knowledge, but also get the training of thinking, and also be influenced by the rigorous attitude of teachers. Although some teachers do not laugh in class, they are full of a thorough understanding of knowledge and the persistent pursuit of the development of human rational ability.

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The expression of this teaching style is that teachers are full of emotion in teaching, and they are full of the trust of high respect for human beings. When it comes to emotional places, they are often in high spirits, impassioned, eloquent and exciting, which gives people a powerful power and causes strong emotional resonance among students. Under the premise of understanding and communication between teachers and students, they jointly create a hot atmosphere eager for knowledge and truth. Under the guidance of such a teacher, students get not only the training value of knowledge but also the cultivation value of personality and emotion.


This kind of teaching style is characterized by vivid, witty and moving. A vivid metaphor, like finishing touch, opens the door of wisdom for students; a kind of appropriate humor, like drinking a cup of sweet wine, gives people aftertaste and nostalgia; the philosopher's aphorisms and cultural proverbs are inserted in the narration from time to time, giving people thinking and alertness. Listening to such a teacher's lecture, the students are in a good mood and happy to learn. They can get the inspiration of life in the light, happy and laughter, get the training of the mind, and change mechanical learning and passive imitation into understanding and active thinking.It is a kind of teaching style that is worth making efforts to cultivate and pursue for arousing student's enthusiasm and initiative in learning.

esl classroom

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Skill type

This kind of teaching style is embodied in that teachers are proficient in teaching skills, full of wit, various teaching methods and skills are easy to use, just right, and without any trace of carving.

The whole structure of classroom teaching is like a well-designed program, with the natural transition, strict organization, reasonable collocation and orderly. When explaining, analyzing and demonstrating, the thinking is clear; when asking questions, discussing and practicing, according to the actual situation of the students, the psychological characteristics and acceptance ability of the students are taken into consideration, reflecting the teachers' thorough understanding of the students, the reasonable use of the teaching methods and the accurate grasp of the key points and difficulties of the knowledge. For students to master knowledge, This is a kind of teaching style that pursues high efficiency. It is a realm that many teachers implement and pursue in classroom teaching.

Natural type

The main characteristic of this teaching style is that the teacher is kind and natural, simple and unadorned, without affectation or deliberate rendering. Instead, the teacher talks with each other in a clear and detailed way. In an equal, cooperative and harmonious atmosphere, the teachers and students conduct silent emotional exchanges and integrate the thirst for knowledge and exploration into the simple and real teaching situation. The students think quietly.Gain knowledge through silent consent. Although the voice of the teacher's lecture is not high, he is confident and sincere, just like the spring rain seeping into the student's hearts, moistening the things silently.

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Although it is not as magnificent as the waves of the river and the sea, it does not lack the freshness of the mountains and rivers, which gives people a feeling of relaxed, happy and peaceful.

Of course, the teaching style may not only include the above types but also can be summarized from other perspectives.Even the above categories are not completely separated from each other. In fact, different teacher's classroom teaching styles are complementary, but some teachers embody a special type more or more clearly.

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I believe when I teach I will mix all the teaching style together when I want to delivery some heavy topic like war or natural disaster I will use emotional style to bring up the attention of the students, and when I try to light up the mood I will use humor teaching style. The formation of a teacher's classroom teaching style is a long-term and arduous practice process and the result of the teacher's constant exploration, tempering, and pursuit.

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