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How Teachers May Help Improving Productive Skills Outside the Classroom Environment?

How Teachers May Help Improving Productive Skills Outside the Classroom Environment? | ITTT | TEFL Blog

The productive skills have been the two criteria that determine one’s language proficiency. To be more realistic in life, if someone is going to enter into his dream job or college, then the recruitment team or admission commission would carefully make a selection depending on one’s productive skill. For instance, they will read a pool of submitted CVs and take interviews from the applicants. Thus, the learners are essential for developing these skills speedy not only in schools but also in everyday lives.

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Starting with writing skills, there are few tips to constantly improve it.

Firstly, stacking papers on the walls in rooms of your house is a useful technique to automatically memorize the grammar to write correctly as teachers could explain. Students should write precise grammar and tenses with the example sentences which highlighted the words positions with various colored markers are to be posted at the kitchen while eating, at the bathroom while sitting on the toilet, on the bedroom when waking up and or falling asleep. Especially for foreign students whose native language has different word orders in sentences compared with English, it is a beneficial way. By doing so, students will spontaneously and gradually build the correct structure to form any sentences.

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Another useful way is to keep students writing small notes every day.

It could be one of writing a diary, everyday goals, motivating oneself as writing down his positive impressions, generalizing the idea that one hears from news breaks from social media. As a consequence, the students then would be fluent and self-esteemed to start writing in a variety of topics immediately.

Moving on to the speaking section, there are several outside school opportunities to encourage students to talk like chatters.

Language teachers must pay close attention to each student’s personality to investigate the reasons why they are being silent. Regardless of the matter of how good a writer wrote a perfect research paper or business project, he shook speechlessly and couldn’t even introduce himself to the company instead of presenting himself/his idea proudly. For instance, if a student is shy, then instructors make them outgoing wisely. In this case, the teacher would have given some compliments such as “What you are thinking and talking is quite interesting, as well as you could share it with your peers and friends, etc.” when a student opened up his mouth. If a student gets on a boat of speaking achievement as a result of the right motivation, the teacher wouldn’t turn into a liar stimulating him.

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If the foreign student has recently moved to an English speaking country, then teachers could suggest them to be registered members of expat groups to get them to learn speaking faster. By attending the groups’ meetings and actively engaging in real conversations in the community, learners would both benefit from being familiar with local life lessons and enhancing speaking skills via interacting with multinationals friends.

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To conclude, both sides of productive skills are essential learning for students to accomplish their targeted goals. To hasten the learning process, students might experience earlier mentioned outside school methods.

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