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English Impact on The ESL Students' Future Career Perspectives

English Impact on The ESL Students' Future Career Perspectives | ITTT | TEFL Blog

English is one of the topmost spoken languages globally, along with languages such as Spanish and Mandarin. Just as being an EFL teacher can open many opportunities throughout the world for teachers, learning English as a foreign language can significantly impact students and help them gain access to new avenues in their careers.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Sarah G. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Benefits of Speaking English as a Second Language

Language allows us to communicate as people, and speaking multiple languages is always a good thing to put on a resume and use in the workplace. For a student learning English, they can use their knowledge to help them land jobs abroad in English-speaking countries if their level of speaking, writing, and comprehension is high enough. Additionally, it is not just abroad that the students can use their skills.

Still, they can also use English speaking skills in their home country if they work for an international company or incorporate English into the workplace. Another excellent example of how English can help a career is that English is an essential language in the tourism industry for translating or writing brochures, giving tours, or interacting with people from English-speaking countries. Speaking English can also open up new career opportunities for a student, perhaps even such as getting a promotion or working in a new department where that skill can be utilized (if they are already working for a company where this is possible). An English business learner can gain these benefits, and students who have learned English since grade school have an even more significant workplace advantage.

Bilingual Education Opportunities and Benefits

In countries such as Denmark, English is the second language taught in schools, and often as early as a few years into primary school. The continuation of learning the English language through to High School gives the students a decisive advantage in their English comprehension level since they have been learning English for many years.

As a result of the high level of English usage, tourism in Denmark is solid since most of the population can communicate in English with no issue. Danes can get jobs in other countries more quickly due to their solid English skills developed through schooling years. This is particularly helpful for students from Denmark or other small countries, where not as many jobs are readily available in their home country. To open new avenues and start an exciting new career, students will often have to move to another country to do so, and English is the key that can easily unlock those types of opportunities.

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Not to mention, the student can also use their English abilities to act as a translator between their native language and English, allowing people who speak one of the languages to communicate effectively. With English as a second language, the student gets a whole new world of possibilities available for them to use in their career or start down a new career path.

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