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Archives for October 2022

In this blog post on crucial teaching skills we will look at the specific skills of: Pronunciation, Grammar knowledge and Teaching methodology.

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Ice breakers as the name implies are activities (often games) used to introduce the teacher to the students, to each other and vice-verca. These activities allow the group to get to know each other in a friendly, fun atmosphere as we will describe. Ice breakers can be used for all levels of ESL student.

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In this blog we discuss some of the fundamentals of the industry, include general terminology, application for teaching posts and typical qualification requirements. As the points are general in nature, some information may not apply to specific situations and you should always do your own research to confirm the current situation.

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This is a blog post written by an ITTT TEFL course graduate who obtained their certificate while in college. She shares her own experience how the certification helped her advance in her academic and professional career.

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