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A Road Map to Language Acquisition

A Road Map to Language Acquisition | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Just as a map is a guide to a territory, grammar is the guide to a language. A language course ought to include such guidance, through which the student perceives direction. The ability to read a map, and, as a result, delineating the goal´s location, facilitates the endeavor to set the student onto the right path. When a learner understands the universal logic of language, he can put his native language into context within every foreign language. This comparison of languages will reveal similarities. To learn that all languages are alike will make the acquisition easier. If the teacher wants the student to understand that languages are closely related he has to present grammar as a common aspect of all languages. Grammar describes principals of logical thought; the essence of human nature. The point of this essay is that if the grammar is added to the discourse of language education, it will benefit greatly the progress of every student.

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Grammar Theory

After introducing grammar as the road map to language acquisition, the teacher should aim to make grammar more easily accessible to the class. A teacher has to fulfill role models. One of them must be eloquent, which means that the teacher has to be fluent in the language that he teaches. The class should see that the teacher is articulate with his profound knowledge of grammar. As a result, the student will more likely want to learn grammar, and perhaps discover a fascination for cultivated language. Once grammar is established in the curriculum the class can rely on a common base on which to refer to when clarification is needed.

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Grammar Practice

The teacher has to find a way to ignite a fascination for language in the class. The desirability to have the same grammar book of reference creates a common connection and supports the foundation of the class. Presumably, the teacher needs to have the expertise to teach its usage. The creation of common ground with a book of reference will make progress in the class more efficient, accountable, and therefore more satisfactory. Also, the knowledge of how to use a standard grammar book makes the learner independent of the instructor and gives him the authority to correct the newly acquired language on his own.

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The class under the guidance of the teacher with a reliable and comprehensive book of reference should always strive for elegance in language. In an English language class, for example, an appropriately selected essay can demonstrate the beauty and expressive power of language. To read a text, which, of course, has to meet the language level of the class, will motivate the student to bring forth standards for himself. These standards are the perspective of where the journey of learning a second language will go. To have the opportunity to read a map one needs to first know how to read it. The usage of it, however, is left to the individual. When a learner of a language has a desire to understand grammar his language education will be more effective.

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