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4 Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

4 Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom | ITTT | TEFL Blog

In an era where technology is prevalent and has become a big part of our culture, it is beneficial to incorporate it in the classroom. Technology in the Education system is one of the greatest changes we have witnessed over the years. The paradigm has shifted immensely to a point where we no longer must sit in a classroom to learn. Everything being taught in the classroom can now be taught online in the comfort of your own space and at a time convenient to you.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Courtney R. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Like all other things, technology has its fair share of pros and cons, but the cons are outweighed by the pros. Technology is greater than the idea of using digital devices in the classroom, it is more about facilitating and increasing the interaction between students and teachers. Classroom interaction and engagement is relatively low as teachers are now competing against diversions that come from technological devices. So, why not change the delivery of the lesson incorporate technology.

Increases experimentation and interaction

Digital education allows teachers to experiment in pedagogy and get instant feedback. It creates an environment for more active learning, as participation is increased. Technology facilitates quizzes during the lesson with instantaneous results. Technology helps to engage students who are shy and would not normally raise their hand in class to answer a question. Through online engagement systems, teachers can check in with these students especially and receive feedback on course materials, assignments and, also with their progress in the class.

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Reduces costs and increases access to learning materials

Computer applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox and E-books help to reduce the expenses to parents and enhance children learning experience. Parents are now presented with the option of sourcing books and other materials their children need online, most of which are downloadable instead of buying the physical books. Schools and teachers are now able to reduce the amount they spend printing course materials for students, instead course materials are uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox where they can be retrieved by students at any time. Not only is this method cheaper but it prevents students from permanently losing important documents. This also means constant access to your materials as long as you have Internet access and no more carrying heavy textbooks which may result in backaches in the future.

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Boosts the effectiveness of education

Over the years, we have seen the transition from blackboard to whiteboard, to overhead projector and to video projector. Now we are seeing Tablets being introduced in education systems worldwide. We are at a stage where online teaching and learning in a digital ecosystem is becoming the norm. Tablets boost the effectivity of our education system, especially since it helps to administer aspects of the curriculum. This device monitors and report activities to foster an evaluation of its usage, the results are then presented to the School Boards and other Executive members in order to provide an independent and balance assessment of the Tablet’s efficiency.

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Keeps pace with contemporary teaching practices

It can be seen that teachers are moving away from the traditional way of teaching to letting students have fun and learn while they play interactive games. In recent years, we have seen how children went from playing with dolls and action figures to playing online games and video games. Children are being raised with the latest electronic games and as such they require fun and excitement in the classroom before they can view it as appealing. Educators are now including a wide range of games into the lessons such as Hangman and Pictionary to help develop skill sets such as Language, Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking.

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In conclusion, technology is changing and will continue to do so for several years as new ideas are always emerging. It is essential for teachers to stay up to date and informed about the changes in order to find ways to integrate them into the Education System for the fullest potential and benefit the students.

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