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3 Essential Reasons for Establishing Rapport in the EFL CLassroom

3 Essential Reasons for Establishing Rapport in the EFL CLassroom | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Whether teaching English or teaching Mathematics, it is always important for teachers to establish rapport in their classroom. Rapport means a good relationship in which those concerned can communicate well with each other and understand each other’s ideas. Not only is it important for a teacher to build a relationship with their students, but it is also important to create opportunities in the classroom where students can build relationships with each other. Establishing rapport is important because it will help the teacher manage the classroom effectively, it will allow the students to learn and grow together, and it will allow teachers to grow in their teaching abilities.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Dalyn F.

Establishing rapport helps you to effectively manage your classroom

The first point that I would like to address is how establishing rapport helps a teacher manage their classroom effectively. One of the hardest things for a teacher is knowing how to help their students be engaged and be willing to participate in the class lesson. When a teacher has already built a relationship with their students, it can be easier for that teacher to communicate with them and also be able to recognize when they are disengaged or uninterested in the content of the lesson. This will then help them know that they should then alter their lesson by changing the activity or topic so that the students are able to learn in a better environment. Establishing rapport with students should be done on the very first day of the course so that after that day, the teacher is able to cover the material and their students will be receptive to it.

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Establishing rapport helps your students to learn effectively

Secondly, establishing rapport is important for helping students learn effectively in the classroom. When there is a relationship established between the students and the teacher, and between the students themselves, students are more likely to be motivated towards participating in activities and learning together. A good relationship creates a comfortable and stress-free environment for students which then allows them to understand and retain the information being covered in the lesson. When students are comfortable working together, they won’t be embarrassed when they are asked to step out of their comfort zone and will therefore learn from their experiences in the classroom. They will also have opportunities to help each other if they are asked to work in groups that have stronger students paired with weaker students. If they know that there is no judgement coming from other students, they will be comfortable with trying new things and experimenting on the material covered.

Establishing rapport helps you to grow and improve as a teacher

Thirdly, when teachers are able to establish good rapport with their students, it allows them to grow and progress in their abilities as a teacher. If a teacher does not feel comfortable in front of their students, they will not be able to try new ideas or step out of their own comfort zone as a teacher. On the other hand, if a teacher has already established rapport with their students, they will be able to connect with the students in a way that they can communicate well with one another. In the little teaching experience I’ve had, I was able to see that when I built a good relationship with my students, they were more open to new ideas or assignments that I gave them. During those times when they were open to my teaching style, I was able to gain the confidence I needed as a teacher to continue to grow and progress in my abilities.

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In conclusion, establishing rapport in a classroom is what will allow a teacher to grow and help their students grow at the same time. If relationships are not built at the beginning of a course, the effectiveness of the class will not be up to the potential it could be and students and teachers alike will miss out on opportunities to grow.

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