EFL Teachers Needed in Thailand

Date posted:2021-03-20 | Writer: Click English Network | Email: [email protected]

C.E.N. (Click English Network) is looking for Full Time Native and Non-NES EFL Teachers for several positions such as English Teacher, Chemistry Teacher, Physics Teacher, Biology Teacher and Mathematics Teacher around Amphon Muang, Province Amnatcharoen 37000, and other provinces in North East Thailand. These positions are for primary and secondary level under government public schools.

Click English Networks is a private ESL school that focuses on developing students English speaking skills. C.E.N has been in the ESL industry for 16 years.

Successful candidates will be assigned to work in one of a number of schools across the area. The teachers will have classes with students with varied ability levels, which depends on your qualifications and previous experience. We will provide assistance in obtaining the correct visa and work permit, annual bonus, job recognition, medical insurance, teacher's training with certificates, and salary satisfaction.

We are now hiring teachers for the following subjects:

English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Math Teachers for secondary, high school levels.

1. Ages 23 – 45 years old
2. Bachelor's degree
3. Salary range depends on your specialisation, qualifications and experience.

English/Science/Math Salary/ Housing/ Social Security/ Bonuses/
Month Month Month Month
Native Teachers 30,000,00 2,000.00 1,500.00 500.00
(no teaching experience)
Native Teachers 40,000.00
(with experience)
Non-Native 20,000.00 2,000.00 1,500.00 500.00

* Help for the correct visa and work permit not exceeding 5000 baht per contract.
Upon completion of the contract, you will receive maximum of 5,000.00 free two days
trip to the main attractions in Thailand.

4. Nationalities
For Non-Native English Teachers – any Nationalities (TOEIC is also required – 800)
For Native Teachers - From USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or South Africa
(Europeans and Caucasian) – included
Training at least 50 hours (TEFL, TESOL or equivalent)

5. Location – Amnatcharoen Province and other provinces

Qualified teachers should meet the following criteria:

A) At least 6 months teaching experience in Thailand for teaching children and young adults. However, candidates who don’t have any teaching experience in Thailand will still be considered.
Teachers with little or no experience must be open-minded and willing to learn new teaching strategy if necessary. Our management team have a wealth of experience in teaching, and can assist you in reaching your goals of teaching in Thailand. You will have full support and assistance with any problems that you may have while teaching. C.E.N will provide assistance with lesson plans and teaching materials, ensuring you will find that teaching English in Thailand is easy and enjoyable.

B) Have a dynamic and lively way of teaching to a professional level.

C) Patient, Punctual, and Professional.

D) Having the teaching license is an advantage (Optional)

If you meet the above qualifications, please contact the email address in the job heading addressed to Mr. Arnold and Ms. Jern and provide the following documentation:

Cover letter, recent photos, degree, diplomas, passport with updated visa, and detailed CV (resume).

Only successful candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview.