Employment teaching TEFL in Saudi Arabia

Date posted:2004-05-25 | Writer: Jubail Industrial College | Email: [email protected]

We have opportunities for well-qualified, committed and experienced lecturers and instructors of English as a foreign language who enjoy teaching in a structured program which is continually evolving and to which they are encouraged to contribute ideas and materials. Staff are hired at any time of the year.

To comply with Saudi government regulations all candidates must be male, and under the age of 55 years at time of appointment.

Qualifications : Minimum one-year full-time postgraduate degree or an MS/MA/MAT in TEFL /TESL or related field from an accredited university.

Experience : At least two years full-time teaching of English as a foreign language for those candidates with an MA, and four years for those with a BA only; the experience should preferably be in the Middle East; experience in curriculum development and evaluation and test-writing is preferred.

Offer of Employment : The offer of employment for the teaching staff at JIC includes:

1. Basic Salary: The salary scale, inclusive of a SR600 transport allowance, is on a scale that goes from SR8, 015 for candidates with an MA and two years accredited teaching experience or a BA and four years experience, up to SR12, 817 for candidates with an MA and ten years accredited experience or a BA and twelve years experience.

2. Housing: Every employee, single or with family, will be provided with a furnished housing unit. He will, however, have to pay his utility bills (e.g. water, telephone, power, etc.).

3. Vacation: Holidays follow a national academic calendar for the whole country. This normally includes around two weeks for Ramadan and the same for Hajj, and eight weeks in the summer. During all these paid holidays, those who want to leave the country are granted visas. They can also visit the neighboring State of Bahrain at weekends.

4. Working Hours: The weekly working days are five (Sat. - Wed.). Lecturers and ELC instructors have to teach up to 20 contact hours a week, including labs; and attend 10 office hours a week. If lecturers or instructors are asked to teach more than the stated hours, they are paid compensation for the extra time.

5. Air Tickets: Around-trip air tickets will be provided once a year for the employee, his wife, and up to two children up to the age of 18.

6. Health Care: The employee and members of his family will be provided with free medical and dental care at the Royal Commission health care facilities.

7. Education of Children: Two of the employee's children, under the age of 15, will be provided free education in schools specified by the Royal Commission.

8. Settling-in (Start-of-service) Gratuity: After reporting to work the employee will be paid the following allowances.
a) Family-status employee shall receive the following:

Half a month's salary and the other half upon the arrival of his dependents.
A single-status employee shall receive half a month's salary.
b) A family-status employee shall be paid 1000 SR as follows: 450 SR upon arrival and 550 when authorized dependants arrive on site.
A single status employee shall be paid 450 SR.

9. Service Increment: The lecturer or instructor may get an annual increase in the monthly base salary of up to 600 SR based on his performance in the previous year of service.

10. End-of-service Gratuity: The employee will be paid half a month's salary for each of the first five years of employment, and one month's salary for each of the subsequent years.

Jubail Industrial College, originally founded in 1979, is one of two English-medium vocational training colleges in Saudi Arabia and the most prestigious of its kind in the country. The English Language Center is responsible for teaching a university-based intensive course in English for academic purposes of 20 hours per week to 1500-2000 male preparatory-year students, thus preparing them to take courses leading to technical and business diplomas. It also offers specialized courses at a higher level. There are currently over 50 members of staff of diverse nationalities, including American, British, Canadian and Irish, with a wide range of teaching experience.

Jubail Industrial College (JIC) is run by the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu. As an academic institution, JIC teaches on the semester system (Fall and Spring). Each semester extends over 16-18 weeks (15-16 of regular classes and the rest for final exams). Holidays are determined between semesters, following a national calendar for all schools in the country. At times there may be some courses offered in a summer semester of 8 weeks. Lecturers and instructors who wish to teach in the summer are paid for extra time and given up to 3 weeks vacation before the start of the next semester. For more information and course descriptions, please visit us at Contact us.

Environment : Jubail is an attractive place to live. It is located on the shore of the Gulf, with excellent beaches and opportunities for swimming, diving and fishing and also for trips into the desert. There is a well equipped sports-center very near the college as well as a range of shopping facilities. An hour's drive away is the town of Khobar which has an array of shops and restaurants of world-class standard, whilst excellent library facilities are available at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Dhahran. A visit to Bahrain, easily accessible by the King Fahd Causeway, also makes for a pleasant and refreshing weekend. Bahrain is, perhaps, most famous for its jewellery souq but also has good hotels, cinemas, interesting museums and important archaeological sites, relating to the ancient civilization of Dilmun.

The contract is initially signed for two years. It is then renewable for a year thereafter.
Lecturers and instructors on family status can bring their families only after the probation period of 90 days.
All the salary and benefits are tax-free.
The current exchange rate is 3.75 SR to one US Dollar.
Salaries are paid by the Hijri calendar. Thus, teachers are paid about 13 extra days a year.

In order to process the applicant's file for employment, the CV or covering letter has to include:
Country of citizenship, country of birth, date of birth, marital status, ages of dependents. (This information is necessary for the processing of the visa.)
Date of availability for work.
Recent fax, telephone numbers, and e-mail.

Also include copies of :Â
- diplomas.
- transcripts (U.S. applicants).
- statements of experience from employers.
- a recent photo.

After the file is complete we can send you a handbook by e-mail. It includes more information about the city, the college, the Center, course description, standard of living in Jubail, etc.

To apply : Send a cover letter, detailed resume and the required documents, preferably scanned through e-mail: [email protected]

If absolutely necessary you may mail or fax them to:

Director, English Language Center
Jubail Industrial College
P.O. Box 10099
Jubail Industrial City 31961
Saudi Arabia.
Tel : 00 966 3 340 2071
Fax: 00 966 3 340 2073

Although, the information given above is true at the time of posting this advert, the Royal Commission reserves the right to change any of its policies at any time without prior notice. Therefore, JIC assumes no liability for change in incentives, rights or duties of old or new employees.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit covers the main parts of speech used in the English language. Understanding these parts of speech will help me with teaching English to foreign speakers as I become able to break down and explain the individual words and their uses within a sentence. I have learnt many things in this unit such as nouns, verbs and adjectives which I use everyday as a native speaker without previously understanding my sentence structures.Speaking and Writing can prove a major challenge to English Language Learners.English language learners always have problems with the writing phase than with the speaking phase because the writing phase is usually more complex than the speaking phase,but this unit has further elaborate on mechanisms through which the tutor can better present the lesson to the students to get a better attention response and interest in the lesson.