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D.G. & F.M. - U.S.A. said:
Classroom ManagementIn order to learn effectively, students need a stable classroom that will nurture and encourage their progress. It is my responsibility to make sure that students feel safe to express themselves and assured that both peers and teachers respect their personal, emotional, and mental space. As a teacher, I must therefore ensure that any one student?s behavior doesn?t encroach on other students? learning, health, or well-being. I believe that implementing an educational environment with discipline, standards, communication, and fairness is key to creating and maintaining this classroom atmosphere. Academic and behavioral expectations should be made clear, while policies and consequences for good or bad behavior should be executed consistently and fairly. students should trust that I am in control of the classroom while feeling comfortable enough to express their needs and concerns. I also believe that successful classroom management is dependent on emphasizing positivity in all aspects of the educational environment and creating an atmosphere of community ownership. As a teacher, I will maintain a positive energy in the classroom, as the attitude that I exude will affect how students approach learning and the material. If I show students that I enjoy being with them in the classroom and teaching them our curriculum, they will similarly feel enthusiastic about learning it. In order to foster proper attitudes and behaviors about learning and school, I will emphasize positive interactions and relationships as well as respect for the physical space of the classroom, the course material, and fellow students. By reducing negativity and providing firm encouragement for good behavior, I will implement that encouraging, supportive space while maintaining discipline in the classroom. I believe that an effective method to achieve a functioning and success oriented classroom is to have students and their parents if applicable sign a form which outlines procedures, rules, and routines of the classroom. This form will also make clear what my goals and expectations for learning and behavior will be as well as offer the student and guardian an opportunity to write their own goals as affirmations to their success in my classroom. I will continuously narrate appropriate behaviors in the class after an expectation has been outlined to the students. An example of this is during transitions. When I am transitioning students will be in active listening position which includes their backs straight, pencils down, hands on the desk, and their eyes on the speaker. During my transition which will be timed and appropriately paced I will explain what is happening to reinforce the expectations of active listening position. For example, ?I see Tony with his hands on the desk and his eyes on me.? Narrating appropriate behaviors reinforces in a positive way what is expected, as well as shows the class that the teacher is aware of what is happening and in control of the situation. I believe that classroom management is the most important tool of a teacher, as without it no learning can take place. When students have a perfect idea of what to do when and understand the expectations of the classroom time can be maximized on task. When a teacher has classroom management firmly apart of the classroom a productive and successful learning environment can be created where goals can be met and exceeded.