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D.I. - Chile said:
Role of the teacherThe role of the teacher will be important for each individual student whether they are are young and impressionable or old and set in their ways. As technological advancements have changed many facets of our society in the first 11 years of the 21st century, the relationship between a teacher and student(s) remains as it alwayswasthe basis for a productive learning experience. This is due to the nature of passing knowledge from one human to the next that is the foundation of all human progress. Their most important role is to inspire and motivate the student to exert the effort to better themselves by advancing their understanding of the subject matter. That should be diffused across the whole class with each student receiving this encouragement that they will appreciateby working hard to learn the material. This encouragement is part of the teacher?s passion for the subject, and doing their best to make that passion contagious to the students throughout modeling, prompting, and participating in the lessons and activities. A teacher can be effective in this manner by generating a friendly atmosphere, fair application of rules, and above all else, a confident and dominant mastering of the material at hand. The teacher should seek out in each and every student this willingness by taking their comments and questions and opinions into account at all times. The teacher should create this protective and supportive environment while also displaying a high level of professionalism. If the teacher come to present the material after exerting the necessary effort to understand it so thoroughly that they can express it naturally, fluidly and with ease, the students will do their part to begin developing their own skills. The students will accomplish this by actively participating in and working hard to accomplish to the best of their ability the teacher?s activities, take home assignments, and evaluations. The role of the assessor comes into play within this theme as quick and immediate feedback is what makes for a productive flow of students? attempts at using an L2. The teacher?s role is better to guide than be a rule enforcer along the side of being a detached lecturer. Many EFL classes will have voluntary students who will follow on their own accord. Their role can be the manager during the study sections of the course to place them at the center of attention when conveying a new grammar or vocabulary lesson, and then slide either into the prompter or facilitator role to allow students move in taking center stage of the learning experience. They need to be an efficient organizer to timely incorporate as many productive pieces to a lesson plan, and then take that plan to action smoothly and confidently. Today?s teacher will need to understand the importance of including the wide range of available technological advancements as partof their students? learning. DVD?s, websites, smart boards, and podcasts are all beneficial tools that the teacher can effectively incorporate to their students? learning experience. The teacher needs to be creative in their use of the technology in ways such as online pen pals from around the world or authentic material in the form of entertaining video podcasts in the L2. Above all the teacher?s role is to be open, inside and outside of the classroom, to continue learning themselves and their subject. This is the mark of what makes a progressively improving teacher that will each new class be better than the last. After year upon year with this attitude, the students who find themselves in that teacher?s classroom will feel fortunate for being so, and exert evermore the trying effort that will make them grow as a person. If the role of the teacher promotes this reaction in the student, they are doing their job correctly.