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C.M. - France said:
English as a Global LanguageWhat is global language? First, let me define what global language is. According to, ?A Global Language or World languages is a language which is learned by many people as second language spoken worldwide, use in many international companies and organizations.? English is the lingua franca of the modern world, not to mention that it is spoken in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Great Britain. It serves as the main form of spoken communication in most parts of the world. So people should learn English to communicate between people from different countries. Although it is said that the world?s most common language is Mandarin chinese ? which has more than 1 billion speakers ? yet it is still English that is considered as the international language for science and business. In fact, English has more second-language speakers than first-language speakers. The English language is often accused of being the ?killer language? that wipes out smaller languages as well as the cultures they represent. Many languages are in danger of extinction largely because English gives them little space to exist. Experts found out that many small languages have already vanished and they estimate that on average the world loses a language every two weeks. But when you stop and think about it, English is not the only killer language that is guilty of wiping out regional languages, it just so happens that there are instances where such languages are replaced by English. We must admit though, that this same killer language (as we fondly call it) plays a very important role in progress, business, science and technological inventions. English language is now a compulsory for non native speakers of English because most of the information in the computer and web are in the English. Most of the international organization use English language to communicate between them. Multinational companies use English to communicate between offices situated in different country. Even they ask for job opportunity in English and want a good working knowledge of English. Also according to Professor Crystal ? English language is represented on every continent and on islands in the three major oceans, making the label ?global language ? a reality. (Crystal 2003:29) Hence, a global tongue will always function as a killer language, so it?s a reality that we will not be able to preserve all languages and their cultures. Frankly, the loss of a certain language or individual culture is the price we have to pay for progress in our modern world and for a global language. The use of one language globally is no guarantee that we will all live harmoniously. But then, English is growing and it is a strong language. In my own opinion if there will be a global language, English can be an option ? as not only it is a strong, well developed language it is also a beautiful language and people around the world have been studying it for a number of years and also in learning and studying English we can achieve so many things. That the importance of English as a global language is something the world can never ignore.