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Elaheh Rezvani

Elaheh Rezvani

I am Elaheh Rezvani. I am originally from Iran. However, I was brought up in England since my dad was studying for his Ph.D. at the time, and also I spent some time in Australia (during my high school studies). Since English was a significant part of my life when it came to choosing my field of study in university, I obviously chose the English language and Literature. Literature gave me a different perspective toward life and the world we are living in. I continued my study as a master's student in English Literature. I graduated in 2018. Besides my studies, I started to work as a teacher when I was still a bachelor student (2013). I love teaching since I can share not only my English knowledge but also my perspective or my experiences with literature. Basically, in this way, I feel I can help people in their journey. Whatsmore? Besides English teaching I also do photography. Nowadays I am working as a commercial photographer, I take projects with different companies, while my favorite genre to deal with is landscape photography.

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