Less vs Fewer- English Grammar - Teaching Tips


Here we look at the difference between "less" and "fewer". This set of words is often used incorrectly and we decided to take a closer look at the difference to help you avoid mistakes. The key difference is that the word "less" is used to refer to uncountable things while "fewer" is used to refer to countable things. Keeping this in mind will help you figure out which word to use in all situations. Remember the '10 items or less' line at the supermarket" Well, it's actually a mistake. If you are purchasing several items then these items are countable, which means the checkout should be called the ?10 items or fewer" line. Other examples of the difference between the two words are "I have been to fewer countries than you" (countable),"I have less money than you" (uncountable).

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This particular unit introduced to me a number of methods used for organizing a lesson. It has shown what teacher should concentrate on while planning a lesson and how to manage activities during classes. Thanks to these tips I will be able to prepare the right plan on how my lessons should be like. What's more, I had a chance to understand details of teamwork in the classroom.This unit provide me information that how the class room should be manage i.e what type of gestures to be follow and when, how to arrange students in the class , how to create rapport with the students and the one writting on the board is very helpful information.Main thing which is taught in this unit i.e how to handle problematic situation and how to respond on that problem ?

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