The Peak Hiring Seasons for Teaching English Abroad


hello welcome Linda here from ITT back
this week with another live session welcome welcome today we're going to talk about the top hiring seasons for
teaching English abroad so we're going to cover different regions Europe Asia
Latin America Central America um and different countries specifically
in these regions and the top hiring seasons for each of those countries so
you know exactly when to apply for the job for an English teaching job in the
country that you want to teach in so um a couple weeks ago we talked about
um tefl interviews and how to find jobs Etc so now this is kind of part of this
series and just to yeah give you an overview of the top hiring season so
that you know exactly when you should be applying for your job in your dream
destination so that's what we're going to do today um hi everybody
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that sounds very nice Spring weather is nice we're also almost into spring now here in Korea which is my favorite
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weeks more for them to bloom but it's very exciting we have kashab Hi kashab
how are you doing a nice meeting uh then we have somebody here from Morocco unfortunately I cannot read
Arabic I'm sorry but I hope you're doing well the weather is nice here in Morocco that's good and
Amitabha says it is slightly cool early in the morning in Kolkata India very
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you teaching in Australia were you teaching cool nice all right very good
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and Anthony says he's been teaching for four years in Vietnam oh nice Vietnam I
love Vietnam we went there actually before cobit right before covid me and my husband went to Vietnam we had a
great time and we're going back there again soon I'm so excited
all right awesome awesome oh Daniel is here hi hi Danielle how are you doing
good to see you okay so then if there's somebody here who's watching for the first time let me
just give a quick introduction who I am Etc so you know like who you're
dealing with so oh actually I think I like those better um my name is Linda I am a travel writer
and content creator I'm a language teacher I'm a Teflon tesol marketing professional
um I do many different things and that's what that's why I love what I do I can I'm able to do so many different things
I really enjoy it so uh but these like are the two main things so I'm a travel writer content creator this is sort of
my passion um under the name Linda goes east because I've been living in Asia for
pretty much 10 years um so I started out living in China I
studied Chinese I was super interested in Asia um and then I moved to China
I moved back to the States and finished my University degree and that's where I
actually met my now husband who turned out to be from Korea and that's why I then also decided to I still went back
to China for another year and then I went and moved over to South Korea and
I've been here for nearly eight years it's going to be eight years this may so
if you're interested in traveling in Asia what it's like living in Korea traveling to China with all
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all right good I think this should be all good now uh
oh Danielle says Linda please share something a little bit about your experience with the elephant beautiful
place yeah so what Daniel is referring to um is on my Instagram
um and you can check this out if you want later but at Linda goes east so I have a couple of like reels and content
about that we went to Thailand last summer and we stayed in so first we went
to Bangkok and then we went to Chiang Mai in the north and in Chiang Mai outside of Chiang Mai City there is a
beautiful echo Lodge slash elephant sanctuary and it's really
not one of those places which still exists in Thailand a lot these like
elephant riding places and just horrible conditions for the animals so this is not that they actually at this echo
Lodge rescue elephants from these conditions and um basically give them a
safe place to live um and care for them for the rest of their lives so they have many elephants
there um and the elephants they just wander and roam around freely and it's all
based on positive reinforcement so the train not trainers actually the people the caretakers there
um they're all pretty much they grew up with elephants many of them I spoke with many of them and they that's like their
passion they love these animals you know and they just basically communicate with these animals
with positive reinforcement they give them like snacks and little treats and feed them there's no like poking there
are no chains even the elephants they don't wear any chains like it's really really nice so we went there and it was
an amazing experience I cannot recommend this enough so if you're interested in doing something like that and
experiencing that um you can check that out on my Instagram I tagged the place there it
was really really nice so and Nisha I'm sure you also have a lot of elephants in
Sri Lanka right it's actually one of the places I also wanted to visit um and I hope I will be able to someday
um I have not been to Sri Lanka I actually had planned that with one of my friends but then covet hit so we could
not go um so it is on my list for sure it looks amazing and I really want to visit
says I've done three of your certificates very good quality courses thank you so much Eliseo that's really
nice thank you so much cool which courses did you take
let me know okay so this is what we're going to talk about today the top hiring seasons for
teaching English abroad like I said we're gonna go over certain regions in the world so we're going to talk about
Europe we're going to talk about Latin America's uh South America Central America we're going to talk about
um Asia so in the Middle East so stay tuned for that and then different
specific countries and when the best hiring seasons are for getting a job an
English teaching job in those places and a little bit about how to find jobs and
how to apply an interview and stuff like that so that's we're gonna do let's jump
in uh yeah we talked about that I'm gonna mention the discount again oh and I
wanted to ask you before we jump into this where would you like to teach where
would you like to teach I see there's a lot of new people here so Anthony Nisha Eliseo also Daniel like please feel free
Daniela hi I missed your comment I'm sorry Hi Daniela how are you doing
um Everybody where would you like to teach
if you could just pick any place um nothing like no requirements or anything
like that no just don't think about any of that um just what's your dream teaching
destination and Daniela says Spain oh nice yes Spain okay cool
I love Spain too I've only been to Spain once unfortunately I really want to go back
um there's so much to see amazing culture amazing food right so
um yeah I would really like to go and teach there as well and um actually Spain also has a teaching program which
might be of interest it's called the Nell cap program nelcap
um so that's really good for um trying to get a job in Spain
through a program they have a few programs actually but I think now cap is the biggest one and the most
like established one I believe so that might be of interest Daniella
um Daniel says Thailand oh because the elephants absolutely Thailand is also a
really good place for English teachers they have a great demand English teaching
uh teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand has been a big thing for many many years many decades
even it's a very popular place so they're very the demand is very high there very good there so that's really
good uh nice and Ellie sale says the kids course the business English course and
teaching English to speakers of foreign languages yeah so that's courses you took with us very good awesome I
actually also took these courses they're super useful I agree okay and Eliseo where would you like to
teach English what country cool actually if I could just pick and choose
oh I would probably teach somewhere in South America I know I say that every time
but like Peru I don't know what it is I really want to go to Peru that's like on
my list my dream destination I have not yet been to South America at all like I told you
guys I'm all about Asia so I've been to many places around Asia
um but I have not yet been to South America and I just love um love that I would love to go Eliseo
says Germany sounds fun cool yeah so I am like yeah like I said I'm from
Germany and somebody says said uh could you please tell about your country so Germany
um I also went to certain um like foreign language schools in
Germany actually as a student I uh I'm I've always been super interested in
learning languages so I went to different training centers I am
have like degrees in French this is usually like a foreign language
correspondent it was called at the time it might have a different title now but it's basically
uh you do like yeah writing business letters in different languages uh interpreting for business meetings and
things like that that's what I trained to do and that was in French and English uh versus German like into German
and um then I also did Spanish and then later on I did Chinese as well so um
from my experience in Germany you can also find English teaching jobs um but it's definitely not like that big
of a thing as it is like in certain Asian countries for example so there are
many language schools um but usually the thing is like with visas right so they usually prefer
hiring somebody who is already in Europe or who is you know from the UK
or Ireland they have EU passport so it's not impossible to find an English
teaching job in Germany but it is probably going to require a little bit more time and effort to find a good job
there that would bring you there but it's not impossible there are jobs
Eliseo says Asia definitely love their food yes absolutely absolutely Asia's
great come here oh heck Matula Hi how are you doing from Afghanistan long time
no see how are you doing good to see you all right good so pretty much yeah we
all want to teach like all over the world so that's great and that's the beauty of a tefler tesol certificate you
don't have to just stay in one place right you can move you can go to a different place you can even start
teaching English online and live wherever you want so it's very very good
um so let's have a look at the top hiring seasons for teaching English abroad and we're going to start with
Asia and I believe I've sorted that um alphabetically I think so with Asia
we're going to start with Asia hiring seasons for teaching English in Asia and I'm gonna make myself smaller so you can
read the slides that is going to work better so Asia is great because the demand is
really big and they really hire year round so there are no specific hiring
Seasons except for in Taiwan and in Thailand and for certain
um English teaching programs like in Korea the Epic program and then Japan
the famous jet program so you can find English teaching jobs in
Asia really year round which is great you don't have to worry about you know am I is this the right timing you can
really apply and find positions any time of the year if you are keen on entering
the Epic program for teaching English in Korea which is a really famous and big and well established English teaching
program they um hire spring and early summer for the
August and September start dates and they recruit in the fall for positions
in January February or March so keep that in mind those are the hiring
Seasons so as you can see they hire what's that spring and early summer for August probably spring early summer not
quite sure but um so they hire like what is that four months in advance keep
that in mind okay epic program spring and fall is the hiring season busiest
season for the Epic program then moving just on to the Japan program because
they're two programs to just talk about them the jet program is kind of the same thing so this is the English teaching in
Japan program and they hire first of December for
positions beginning the following Autumn so they hire really really far in advance as you can see the first of
December and then you would you would apply you
would get recruited hired the first of December that's when their application starts and then you start teaching the
following Autumn so that's like nine months in advance maybe eight nine months in advance okay or 10 months in
advance uh many months in advance I am a language teacher I always say that I'm
not a math teacher but it's about nine months right uh so very far in advance keep that in
mind if you're interested in the jet program you need to apply on the 1st of December so now it's already over they
do not hire anymore through the Jeff program you can find other positions for teaching English in Japan just not the
jet program and then we have Thailand where their
biggest hiring season is May and then again in November so keep that in mind
the biggest season for teaching English in in Thailand is May so somebody
earlier said Thailand Daniel if you want to go and see those elephants you need
to apply in May okay interview in May and then again in November
so twice a year are your biggest chances and Taiwan also the biggest hiring
season is right after the Chinese New Year so kind of now is a good time is
after Lunar New Year now um maybe already too late but uh this
time of year you can find positions and then again in July and August for Taiwan
you'll just keep that in mind not to say again that you can't find positions there uh throughout you know the rest of
the year you can but you're definitely going to see a lot more positions
um during these times of the year and all the other countries are fair game year round you can find positions
there all the time
oh Nisha teacher saying something in Japanese actually funny thing I started learning
uh Japanese so um but I'm not sure about that yet well
konichiwano and is that where you're from or something I'm sorry
I'm not that advanced yet in uh Japanese and then I'm going to take a question
here from Eliseo who says or asks do you know of schools that you can recommend
yeah so actually at ITT we partner with several schools and also tefl recruiters
and then if you take a course with us and I believe you have right you said you took three courses with us you
actually have um access to Lifetime job support which means you can contact us you can let us
know hey I really want to teach English in Asia can you help me so that's us
again this email address that I shared earlier you can just email us courses at tesolminist
and every ITT course graduate has access to Lifetime job support so anytime
throughout your life after taking the tefl course you can contact us and you
have access to these resources we also have
um on our website when you go to and you go like the header
here and it says jobs it's this home about ITT courses and then jobs and you
click on jobs we have a big um a big database of jobs that we regularly
update and add to and it also says here please email jobs at I'm sorry my
microphone jobs at
for finding employers ITT graduates receive free lifetime job assistance so
besides this courses at email you can also email uh us here specifically for
job support jobs at this is the um
the uh email address for job support
Daniels is all right Linda Julie noted thank you for letting me know Thailand here we go yes yeah oh and then I'm
gonna come visit you when you're in Thailand Nisha teacher says I'm from Sri Lanka
but I learned Japanese okay nice Eliseo says I will definitely be in
contact I forgot about that that's why I was all in for them again I definitely recommend these courses yeah so a lot of
people they take the courses and then they're done but then they forget they actually get lifetime job support so
don't forget about that um we all of course always email you as well at the end of the course but then
maybe you have something going on and you forget I get it um but just email us here jobs at for your job support after you graduate from your course
all right good so this is Asia again year round you can find positions
in Asia except for Taiwan and Thailand and then those two special
um things like the Epic program has specific hiring seasons and the Japan jet program has specific intake Seasons
so um keep that in mind if you want to apply for either of those
good then we're moving over to the Middle East
and here also they have a primary hiring season again this is year round except
for public schools and public schools they sometimes obviously vary depending on the country okay so for the UAE
United Emirates for Qatar and Saudi Arabia and throughout the Arab world
during the Spring and early summer for August and September start dates they
hired during the Spring and early summer for August and September and then again in the fall for positions that begin in
January February February or March so two hiring Seasons this is for the
public schools if you want to work for a private school an international school something like that you don't have to
worry about these um hiring seasons um and here it also says Morocco Egypt
and Jordan some language schools hire in advance but most jobs will be found
locally in the country so for Morocco Egypt and Jordan if you
want to teach English there you might have to come and be on the ground and be
in the country to interview in person for UAE Qatar in Saudi Arabia and the
other countries in this region you can usually find positions through online interviews online
applications so and usually in this part of the world a Bad season to look for jobs is the
Ramadan season right so uh and that I believe varies every year right it has
different dates so check that out during Ramadan season there's no hiring going on so don't waste your time going over
there during that season you're not going to find a job places are closed people are not working during that time
so avoid that but spring and early summer and uh in the fall is a good time
especially for public schools and again private language schools all that like
private language institutes all that they hire year round you can find positions there
foreign Jay here hi Sanjay Namaste thank you awesome how are you doing Sanjay thanks
for being here good so this is the Middle East oh and I just love this Photograph here with the
pyramids in Egypt I've been to Egypt I went there oh my gosh so many years ago I believe
it was probably like oh maybe oh over 10 years ago over 10 years
ago I was there it was amazing I really want to go back there so much I'm that's why I'm super interested in in history
and all that stuff so Egypt is a great place to go to
I want to go back all right Middle East done now we're going to look at hiring seasons for
teaching English in Europe right another beautiful picture here from Rome also
been there this is a beautiful place in Rome forget what it's called but it's like all the ruins and stuff it's really
really nice um anyway so they're primarily we have two hiring Seasons the the busiest
hiring season is September and October and then the secondary hiring season would be in January
um what's great about Europe and what you should know in Europe actually there are a lot of summer camp positions which
is great so they hire English teachers locally but also in some cases higher in
advance from the US and also elsewhere during the winter and spring for the
following summer and what I really think is really great about summer camp positions they're usually just like a
month or maybe two months um so very short period of time if you're looking for just like a quick
um not really like a one-year contract you're like you're not sure yet if this
is what you want to do you're not committed to like a full year but you just want to try it out if teaching
English is really your thing a summer camp position is just great it's really short I think sometimes you could even
go for Just Two Weeks um usually I believe it's like a month or six six weeks two months something
like that a summer camp Italy does those a lot and I believe France does that a
lot Spain uh you can find summer camp positions so um that might be a really
good option for somebody who's just getting started with teaching English and get some experience before then
committing to like a full year in a different country um also note that these primary and
secondary hiring Seasons here for Europe do not um do not apply to Turkey Russia and
Georgia they actually hire year-round you can find positions there year round in Turkey Russia and Georgia Georgia
also has a really good government-funded program I didn't put that on here now I
regret that but it's called tlg teaching what is called tlg Georgia
speech and learn with Georgia it's a really good program it's and these kinds
of teaching programs are not that common especially in Eastern Europe so
um the fact that Georgia has one I think is really good and the benefits and everything that they offer here is
really really really good so go ahead and check that out for Georgia in Eastern Europe however I see right now here on their
website uh they might not be doing this program at the moment so I'll keep an eye on
that but it says we are currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021
academic school year so that's already um in the past but
email them there is an email and um see what they say if you're interested maybe I'll email them and see what they
say uh because I always I like to promote this program but is it still running
it's actually interesting okay anyway I also mentioned that there are government
assistant programs in Spain and France um the now cap program in Spain and then
the tapiff program in France and they both require that applications be filed
by March for positions in September so March coming up soon if you want to
teach English in Spain or France through those two programs nullcap and tapeiv
you better look for that and fill out your application by March to begin in
September all right good this is Europe and again
really really like those summer camps if you can get a position like that that'd
be really awesome um and also want to mention that turkey is a really popular place for teaching
English at the moment it's a booming country for um teaching English you can find a lot
of positions especially in Istanbul um and because turkey is between Europe
and Asia so that makes it a very attractive destination for English
teachers a lot of business English going on there so that's really good and it's one of the newer ones that we recommend
okay let me know if there are any questions throughout this uh let me know and I will answer them but I'm just
going to move on now to Central America hiring seasons for teaching English in
Central America again a place I really would really really really really want to go to
uh here we have two hiring Seasons the primary hiring season for this part of
the world is June and July so coming up in a couple of months if you want to
work in Central America apply in June or July and then the secondary hiring
season is now January and February so you can find a lot of positions for this
part of the world at the moment Costa Rica you need to interview in December for positions beginning in
January so in Costa Rica their main hiring season is actually earlier it's December and then you start in January
Mexico language schools are hiring year round Mexico is one of those places
where the demand for English language teachers is really really one of the highest in this region because of their
closeness and proximity to the U.S you see a lot of business English there because of those business business
relationships with the US so you can find positions there year
round really um also Dominican Republic
they hire year round is another very popular place also because of those
close relationships with the US they have a high demand for English teachers and they hire you around but they have a
dominant hiring season from January to March so also right now is a good time
and then again from May to August so you can find a lot of positions there during
this time and what I have to say for this region Central America most of the time to
interview you need to be on the ground with your tefl certification and all of
your documents during these hiring Seasons to interview in person they really like uh in-person interviews in
most of these countries so if you really want to go there you really need to be there in person so head there if uh you
want to be in Costa Rica you need to head there in November December to be ready to interview
um all the other countries June July January February and then um yeah interview in person
uh Sanjay says I'm a primary school
permanent teacher in Nepal nice what what city do you work in I've
been to Kathmandu only Kathmandu unfortunately but I loved that I really
really really want to go back to Nepal it is such a vibrant place I loved
seeing like the the people are so colorfully dressed and there's so many festivals and like
things going on every day it's it's really amazing it's so nice it's like a photographer's dream
um I also went on a street photographer tour there with this amazing guy
um AJ and he uh I still follow him today but it's just a photographer's Paradise
there's something happening everywhere at all times and you can get amazing photographs good
all right Eliseo says have a great night morning evening I must go I wish you all the best thank you Eliseo thanks for
being here and you can always watch the replay even if you have to leave now you can come back later tomorrow whatever it
will be on our Facebook page so you can see that later as well and you can yeah
watch the rest of this thank you and have a good night
all right good then we are moving over to South America
again this is where I really want to be here in the picture I want to be this guy I want to be with all the llamas at
Machu Picchu that's like my dream I love it so here many of the countries
have very different hiring Seasons but most of them are February February March
so right now is a very good time to find positions for South America secondary
July and August and again for most of these you should be on the ground you
should be there and interview in person during this hiring season
um so let's go over the different countries here as you can see Argentina March April July and August then we have
Brazil middle of February March and August Ecuador February March July and
August Columbia middle of January February July and August Bolivia middle of February
middle of March July and August and Chile March April July July and August
so similar slightly different so if there is one country that you're
interested in or maybe you're interested in several you could which one was January
there was one oh you could start in Colombia middle of January start applying there and then you could move
your way through the countries until you end up like in Argentina or Chile in
April basically or you just go July and August seems to
be consistent everywhere August so that's what it looks like for South
America so we know when we need to go now I need to go right away
oh it doesn't say Peru why did I not put Peru on there it's like my favorite well
anyway probably similar um however again this doesn't mean that
you cannot find teaching positions there at any other time of the year you can
these are just the main hiring Seasons where you will find the most job offers
out there right still throughout the year you will be able to find positions here and there and also it says here you
should be on the ground you should interview in person there however there are also schools that interview online
and you can secure a job from outside of the country but in this part of the world most commonly and it's preferred
to interview in person okay
is that all is there one more I forget yeah okay so this these are all the
regions that I wanted to mention today in all the different countries and now I have a list of the best or the
highest demand the best countries to teach in 2023 and then I'm gonna look at
your questions okay so number one here South Korea for 2023 we have Spain we have the Czech Republic
Costa Rica Hungary Japan Mexico Kuwait Taiwan and the Dominican Republic so
these are the top 10 top 10 uh countries for 2023 with the highest demand for
teaching English as a foreign language and out of those 10 out of those 10 now
where would you like to teach out of those 10 if you could just pick one of these 10. foreign
which one would it be let me know in the comments please let me know where would you like
to teach out of those 10 countries would you like to teach in South Korea in Spain in the
Czech Republic in Costa Rica in Hungary Japan Mexico Kuwait Taiwan or the
Dominican Republic ah this is a really hard decision where
would I like to teach I know I like I really like Asia so my first pick
would probably be Taiwan I really like Taiwan
but also the Dominican nice beaches
that'd be really good let me know guys out of these 10 where would you like to teach what would be
your number one pick and econ I'm gonna answer econ's question real quick South s certification is acceptable for
English teaching jobs now a days or not celt s okay I need to check what is
South s the South s certification I think somebody said that before our
cell s is a fully online teacher training course for teachers of
English to secondary level students oh for teachers of English to secondary
level students from 11 to 18 years old interesting that's a very specific
age range um so I'm not particularly familiar with
the celt S [Music] um so I cannot give you any information
about that unfortunately we do not offer that uh we offer tefl tesol we also have
some Celta and Delta options we also have a diploma in tesol
um and you can also do a bachelor's I think and a masters even also through
yeah Bachelors of education and masters of education through our
um through Itt but we don't we don't have the celt s
so if that's something that interests you and I think this is something that um
who was it in the beginning um yeah Anthony maybe that is what he was interested in
as well so Anthony um maybe this is also good for you some
information about the upgrade qualifications to the bachelor's and masters of education through Itt
you can check that out here here's some options
all right good and then we are heading into q a now
so let me know guys your questions it's open now and I'm still waiting for answers which of these countries you
would like to teach in if you had pictures one let me know but um yeah q a is open so ask away ask
me your questions I hope you learned something today um you can always watch this as a replay go back and take screenshots or notes of
all the individual hiring seasons um so do that if there's one place or
two or three or four that you're interested in teaching in and then um yeah
you could do that again don't forget to like And subscribe and again we do have the 30 off
opportunity if you want to get tefler tesol certified with ITT this year I
have also the link for you again uh which looks like this so ends with FB
life minus Linda this code will get you 30 off any tefl or tesol chorus from i t
t great incentive to get started with your tefl certification now so that you are
ready to apply for these positions during those hot hiring Seasons that we
just talked about today okay and then let me see did I skip anybody's
question I don't think I did but let me know
oh heck Matula says I like teaching in Japan yeah and the great thing about teaching English in Japan they do not
they do not have any restrictions on um non-native English teachers so the
jet program too you can work and apply for the jet program if you are a
non-native English teacher that is no problem so they don't have that
um requirement or regulation like for example in in Korea you have that you
have to be from one of seven English-speaking countries only to get that English teaching Visa but in Japan
you don't have that so Japan is a great place for any anyone native English teachers and
non-native English teachers so definitely worth looking into so again Japan would be uh if you're interested
in the Jets program let me just pull it up one more time uh
here jet program first of December so in December they hire for the for the jet
program so you could get ready this year and then apply for the jet program in
December 2023 to then start in the autumn in September I believe or
October of 2024 actually hmm
so as you can see sometimes uh and we talked about this I think in in a previous live I don't know if it was
last time but you just want to be ready um because yeah maybe somebody wanted to
teach English in Japan this year with the jet program but now they find out oh my God if the hiring season is December
and December for like the following for the following year so they missed at
that line so yeah you just need that's why you're here right that's why you guys are here to get all the information
so that you know exactly when to apply and how it all works because you got to
be for some of these destinations you have to be like early um so the earlier you get started with
your tefl with everything the better so you are ready and you're good to go you
are finished with everything when the application deadline is ETC that's what I wanted you to take away
from today's live session I hope that I helped somebody here today
good stuff okay I'm still gonna take your questions so ask away
ask me your questions about tefl tesol anything you want to know it is q a
and I still have a couple of minutes even though my throat's kind of getting dry so
but it's okay I have some T right here
so let me know what you're curious about and I always say this there are no stupid questions we are all at different
parts different places in our tefl tesol journey I've been working with this for
almost 10 years so I know a lot about this obviously if somebody's just getting started and just looking into it
they don't know all of these things yet um so we uh all have to be patient
you know we're all at different like I said different places in our journey somebody's at the beginning of the
journey and they they don't know yet how it all works and that's why I'm here I want to explain to you exactly you know
what you need to know and that's why at ITT we're also completely transparent we will let you know exactly like oh sorry
but you know you want to teach English in Korea but you're not from one of those seven countries so it's probably
not going to work out for you but here's where you could go instead right we're
100 transparent with that that's why we don't offer uh 100 job placement like
some other other tefl providers because we just don't think that's very realistic we have lifetime job support
we will help you find a job in the country where you would like to go but at the same time if that country just
doesn't work out um because of some their requirements regulations and you
just don't fit that profile we will let you know and we'll be like hey I'm sorry but would you consider you know going there
instead going there instead these are your options we're not making any promises that then will not work out for
you in the future so that's very important to us
all right still waiting for you guys as questions don't be shy I don't buy I
don't buy foreign or maybe I just answered all of your
questions and you're completely satisfied I know there's some people watching so
um I know you're out there I see you I see you so please
ask me your questions or maybe you're like yo you know you answered everything all good then that's fine too
that's fine too you can leave a comment with whatever's
on your mind I'll take it I'll take it foreign
I'll take it let me know maybe is somebody already
teaching abroad and where are you teaching I know that
um who was it teaching in Vietnam earlier
uh who was it where is it oh here Anthony Anthony from
Australia teaching in Vietnam who else is already teaching
Daniel wants to go to Thailand that's very nice okay econ tefl or tesol which one is
more accepted for teaching jobs great question so Teflon tesol I always
mentioned that in in our q a uh live sessions last week for example so every
first Friday of the month we do a casual q a and I go over like the regular the the basic like tefl t-sol things and the
difference between Teflon tesol is one of those things I always mention because if you're new to this you have no idea
right tefl tesol what's the difference which one should I get I feel you I hear
you so what you need to know tefl and tesol the training involved and
then the certificate that you get afterwards are exactly the same so the
the only difference is where where you live and what you call it it's kind of
like you know tomato tomato Americans say tomato bread Brits say tomato
um that's like the difference so tefl is more commonly used in Europe people in Europe call it tefl and I
believe also in Australia New Zealand whereas in North America
um in Canada well that's North America in the U.S in
Canada um some other places they call it tesol okay but they're the same thing tefl and
tesol is the same so you can actually decide at ITT whether you want your certificate to say
Teflon on it or tesol on it but the chorus that you take is the exact same
course it's the same units it's the same content so
um it really depends on you whether you wanted to call whether you call a tefler you call it tesol that's what you just
get they're the same and they're except accepted equally accepted equally so I have a tefl
um some because I just prefer calling it tefl um my uh so my colleagues they call it
tesol but it's the same thing that's why usually in job offers you will see tefl tesol certificate because it's the same
so it doesn't matter it doesn't matter accept it equally accept it equally just
your personal preference great question we get the question a lot yeah
awesome okay thank you so much for this question icon
I I appreciate that is it econ or icon icon sorry if I'm saying that wrong
uh yeah good one more question maybe last question now is your last chance to ask
me a question let's see of course if two or more coming in I'm
answering all of them but last question now's your chance type a
question before I sign off let me know
what you're curious about really anything you can be curious about anything there this is like a big
decision to teach English abroad right to to basically give up everything and
move abroad across the world it's a big decision so I'm sure you guys have a lot of questions right especially at the
beginning if you're new to this you're not quite sure where to go or which certificate to take or you know whatever
I'm sure you guys have a lot of questions
I certainly did I had a lot of questions when I was starting up but I kind of already knew where I wanted to go and
that that was kind of part of the reason why I took a tefl certificate actually at the time I was that was 2014. I was
already teaching English in China and that was kind of just a weekend part-time kind of gig
um but I knew that I wanted to go to Korea after and I really wanted to go to that
one specific City where my now husband at the time boyfriend lived right I
wanted to be in his City so I wanted to get a Teflon certificate to just enhance
my chances to really get a job in that specific City so that's what I did
and I searched a Google searched tefl tesol certificates and I looked at all
the providers and itttt was one of them and I liked what I saw and the reviews
were good and the people I spoke to from ITT were nice and so I decided to take that course with them
so that was my my background and that's how I kind of uh yeah slid into
ITT and working for them and stuff so good times
Good Times all right this is our last minute
minute 59 now we're gonna do until one hour so now is your lap really last
chance to ask a question all right I need to have a perfect and it's a long question too okay Linda I have a boring
question okay as to when will the Discrimination end with us non-native
but fluent English speakers from the so-called third world developing countries and not from those Elite seven
native countries yeah well I actually have that question too that's one of my burning questions as well for the world
when will this end um you know I think we are already
seeing Trends towards that um you know this is something
I think it will take a lot more time to completely disappear to be honest with
you but I think we've we see that now and I I told you before about this case and I'm not up to date on this case
right now but like you said so this is actually not the case in all of the countries but it is the case in Korea
where like I said to get this English teaching Visa the E2 Visa you need to be from one of those seven English-speaking
countries right and that is Canada America the US so Canada the US Ireland
the UK South Africa New Zealand and Australia those are the seven recognized
English-speaking countries for some countries for English teaching positions not all the countries have this right
Korea where I live has this so I'm very aware of that
um and there was a case last year I believe or the year before I think it was last year where there's an amazing
teacher he's from Nigeria where English is the official language also
um and he really wanted to work at this English school in Korea and they wanted to hire him but because of this
regulation that you need to be from one of those seven countries he they could not hire him so they started this legal
process and they were trying to change that and I think it's still in the process right now but you see that
people are trying to change it and people are speaking up and things are changing and also I think if we look at
Japan which is very similar to Korea and Japan does not have that regulation
so you can be a non-native English teacher and work in Japan as well and get a Visa I think that a lot of
countries are changing and Amitabha you just add it this is because even Asian countries like Malaysia Thailand and
Vietnam they prefer those native seven countries also yeah and this is really
it's just not right it's not right it's really um you know it's 2023 and this is just
not acceptable right um so I think what we need to do is just collectively speak up about this more
and I'm glad you're raising this issue right and you talked about this before in the past it's not right
um and I think that we are definitely it's getting better it's getting better but with many things like that it just
takes time and it takes many voices and we just need to speak up more also so
thank you for that and I I completely agree and unfortunately I do not have an
answer to that when it will end like I said this is not the case in
every country right so um yeah not the case in every country
they're not all like that but many countries are like that
yep that's a hard one then we have econ how many modules we
need to complete the course and the time duration also do you guys offer Zoom sessions so um it depends on which
course you take if you take the uh the regular the most common one the 120 hour
course and let me send you the link to this course
real quick this is the most popular course option because
um that's the minimum tefl hours you want to have for teaching English abroad 120.
and so you can actually read this page econ icon right here
um but there are 20 units in this course and you have up to six months to
complete that and work through all of the units but most people complete it faster it just depends on how much time really
um you need you know what your study style is and all that those things
um Zoom we do have something called um OTP which is um oh what does it stand
for again the the online teaching practice online online teaching practice observed teaching practice there we go
observed teaching practice like an add-on you can do
um so there's a lot of options look at our course options you can have add-ons you know for teaching practice and those
things the courses are not zoom um which makes it more flexible so you
don't have to be online at like a specific time um which is great so you can study at
your own pace whenever and wherever you want so um that makes it really great
and yeah check out this page for more details about the specific course
yeah I mean Thomas is how much more time will it require as it is almost close to four years since I got tefl certified in
close to two years since I got tesol certified yeah I understand I get that
but amitaba you know you can look for jobs in countries where they don't have
this stupid regulation you know maybe be be a bit more flexible go to a
place where they just don't care about that where they also hire native non-native English teachers there are
countries like that in schools like that so um and please you've probably done that
before but reach out to us again if you have jobs at and we will really
help you and try our best to find a position for you because let me talk about I know you're more than qualified
you have the in-class tefl course and all of those things so
okay atya says how about the online tefl level five is the course difficult okay
let's have a look level five yeah so level five we have
two level five courses one is the 170 hour course with online specialization
this is specifically good for you if you want to teach English online as well so
this is the 120 hour course plus the 50 hour um teaching English online
specialization and then the other level five course that we have is the 220 hour
Master package and this one is 120 hours plus 50 hours teaching English to Young
Learners plus 50 hours teaching business English and this is actually my favorite course this is the course that I took
um so I first first you have to take the 120 hour course for this you have six
months to do that um to complete the course like normal and this is really more than enough time
um you know you can take your time working through the units and all that and then after you completed that first
part you can decide hey I want to do the English to Young Learners first or I want to do the business English one
first you can decide and then you have I think also six months per course to
finish that um but you can finish that much faster and the 50-hour courses they are really
short not really super short but like shorter than the 120 hour course I think
it's eight units um or 10 units the short ones so half of
that you can work through those and you know from my experience your question is is it is the course difficult personally
I didn't find it that difficult of course you need to read through the material you know you shouldn't rush
through that so it takes time you know working through the units and all that but I passed all of the courses no
problem and I was at the time also like new to all of that so don't worry you can definitely do it and
you can always have uh tutor support right if you do the tutor support option you get a tutor and you can ask the
tutor questions if you don't understand something so
yeah I mean Thomas says time is also running out fast as covid-19 robbed us
of two years from our lives yeah I agree I agree
yeah please email us amitaba please my colleagues over at the jobs
department they will help you out okay I feel yeah
uh kasara I can't see your comment it's empty here I'm not sure is it an
emoticon or what I'm not sure um if you can maybe type it again I
don't know I can't see it I'm sorry
okay all right last question now I'm glad
once I said law last question and everybody put their question in the comments that's great
good but now really the last question one more question and then I'm gonna really say goodbye and then you can come
back again next week same place same time and I'm going to be answering more questions and we're going to talk about another really useful topic so please
please check it out and like And subscribe so you're notified for next week
um you don't want to miss it like And subscribe and take advantage of this 30 off if you're thinking about
getting tefl or tesol certified please do that um
yeah that's about it
I'm just giving it a few seconds now to see if somebody has a last question and then I'm gonna say goodbye to y'all and
I wish you all a happy weekend I hope you're doing something fun you're
staying safe out there and okay um there's a lot of stuff going on in
the world so we all know it's a difficult time
so stay safe out there I I think about you all
thank you but yeah if there's one more question I'd be happy to answer it and if not we
can just say goodbye and then I hope to see you and meet you all again next week here I will be here if you have any
topics suggestions for these live sessions let me know let me know I'd be happy to you know
talk about what you guys want to talk about of course so that's why I'm here let me know what you're interested in
and then I'll get back to you okay I think um no
more questions coming through now so I think we can say goodbye and really thank you guys so much for being
here um and for asking all your questions and your
support um and yeah I think that's all
thank you guys so much stay safe have a great weekend and thank you so much for your support and your questions and for
being here and I hope to see you again next week I will be here and I hope I will see you there I hope you join me
again and um thank you guys so much
all right see you later thank you bye