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hello and welcome my name is linda from itt um thanks for tuning in if you are
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well you can actually see right here how does this work where is it
here here here uh it's a live q a session today so you can
throw your questions about tefl tesol teaching english to me
and i'll answer them to the best of my abilities um so yeah
we have a first time watcher sebastian hi watching from cameroon first time and it's 2 a.m wow thanks so
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so that was really cool i highly recommend you check that out and um
let me see hello hi mohammed thanks christine from the philippines hi
christine rahul watching from ukraine awesome
okay from canada nice and we have alexander here as well alexander where are you watching from
could you let me know that'd be awesome okay yeah so
also what i want to mention is before we jump right in um there is a special offer at the end
of this session where i will be sharing a 30 off discount link so if you're thinking
about taking a tefl course um you might want to wait until the end to get that discount link
because 30 that's the best deal out there let me tell you
yeah hello hello hamza hope i'm saying that right
alma from china hi where in china are you watching from cool i lived in china i love china
it's a great place hamza watching from morocco that's awesome
hi oh alexander great from paul west palm beach florida oh nice i'm jealous
i bet your weather the weather over there is nice here it's really really cold i'm in
south korea i'm about an hour and a half south of seoul and it's getting really really
really cold but no snow yet so i'm waiting for that because white christmas you know would be really
nice so yeah we have a good group here from all over the world very international
i love that that's awesome um what's next so
we are doing a uh yeah like i said a teflon t-shirt q a so let's have a
chat and today i kind of want to do this both ways so you can throw your questions at
me but i'm also going to ask you guys some questions and i hope you will answer them for me
because i'm a very curious person and i want to know more about you guys as well all right we have some more
people watching from the philippines hi rose and
tiffany also from the philippines awesome welcome welcome welcome
all right oh alexander you did the 120 hour tefl course awesome congratulations
on passing that that's great that's our most popular course actually so
if anyone is interested if you're sort of new to teaching you know then this is definitely the course to
get so i highly recommend that then we have patty from mexico
hi and then maria from uruguay cool we're really like on
all continents today here pretty much that's awesome
great so let me get this settled q a like i said
30 off special at the end i'm gonna share the link so stay tuned for that cool
oh by the way i think i didn't introduce myself my name is linda oh i think i said it at the beginning
but anyway if you're uh if you just tuned in my name is linda i'm from itt um and i live in south
korea i've been uh living abroad since 2012 2013 that's when my abroad adventure
sort of started in china i taught english there and then i moved
to south korea and i've been here now for five and a half years also teaching and working for itt and
doing a lot of other stuff if you're interested you know in um china south korea asia in
general you can check out uh linda goes east on instagram or also my website um then you can check out what i'm personally up to um and you can also email me if you
have questions specifically about south korea um i might also do a live about south
korea in the future um because that's a very popular destination to teacha
so oh cool alma is in xiaoxing sorry where what province is
that in chowxing really nice here where are where did i live yeah i lived in um
guangzhou first and then i lived in changsha in hunan province so
yeah it was a blast it was very good but the food in hunan is very very spicy and i can't eat that spicy so it was
uh it was interesting cool
then we have somebody yaja from new zealand living in morocco cool
awesome great we are almost family yeah
we are a tefl family for sure teflon tea soul family right here great
okay then i already got a couple of questions you're very fast awesome let me prepare
to answer your questions let me see we have a couple of questions already
muhammad asked how much is this course or how many courses do we have so
that's also a question that we got in the comments earlier somebody asked what sort of courses do you have how much are the
courses etc etc so we have a wide wide wide variety
of courses at itt basically for every different kinds of needs
you'll find a course for you there so basically our courses are divided into three different kinds so we
have online in class and combined so online is 100
online the in-class course is a four-week course at a training center from itt
we have like 30 different locations worldwide so you can check that out on the website which
location you prefer one that's close to you or a lot of people also they
take the in-class course in the country where they then plan to teach after so that's also a good
idea and then the combined course which combines the two so first you complete an online part and
then you complete practical teaching training at a center of your choice for between five and ten days so it depends
on which um it depends on which location you choose some training centers do five
days some do 10 days some also do like weekends so it's very flexible and then you can
get this extra sort of teaching practice as far as price goes it really depends on the course so i
highly recommend checking out
um and then you can see all i'm just going to post that into the comments
for all course options you can check that out because every course is different
different length different content so um the prices vary but the
it starts at 175 um us dollars and then
it goes up until like the in-class courses are like usually a thousand 400 500 also
depending on the location the 120 hour course which is the most popular option
um is 349 with tutor option with tutor
and then without tutor it's let me have a check two one second
so we always have courses with tutor the online course is with tutor or without tutor so there's always two prices
so the 120 hour course without tutor support is 239 us dollars
and with tutor support 349 u.s dollars so but
check that out um here i'm going to post another link to
on the online courses specifically because i think especially in you know nowadays these days
we prefer online um and it's just more convenient and we try to avoid traveling
too much so i think online is a good option
um okay then we have another question from maria i did the 120 hour tesol course is it
valid everywhere yes our courses are accredited and worldwide recognized so
it does depend however on you know the location where you want to teach because some countries they have their own
requirements depending on you know certain things like your nationality or your teaching
experience your age things like that so it depends on where you want to teach that you need to
look into the requirements specifically for that place or online platform because they all have
different requirements but yes our all our courses are recognized worldwide and accredited worldwide and so yes
it is valid everywhere and most employers around the world we work with many many
different schools and recruiters and stuff like that and they do recognize the itt brand
and so they know you know what we stand for and the quality of our courses and
stuff like that so um yeah we the
a lot of recruiters and schools that we work with they also specifically only hire itt grants
a lot of them because they like our courses they appreciate them they know the value they
know the content and they think that this you know aligns with their um company in their schools
so they hire ittd grads so yeah they are valid everywhere
okay let me see
hamza i want to inquire concerning the duration of the 120
hour tefl online course okay yeah okay so that course
you have up to six months to complete it and when you sign up and then you pay
your course fee you get your login details and then you can log in immediately and start working through
the units there are 20 units in this course and like i said you have
six months to complete them you can study at your own pace and at your own
you know preference whenever you like whenever it suits you so it's great for people who are working
who are working full-time who don't have that much time they can study a little bit less every week and it also
fits people who have a lot of time and you know are able to study every day so
it's really flexible and really a great course to take um there are no set times where you need
to be online so it's really flexible most people complete this course in
two or three months um we also have some uh really uh eager students to complete it
faster in like a month or so if they you know really want to get their certificate fast or they need to get it
fast or they just really enjoy the course they want to study quickly depending on you know their learning style etc um yeah
so all different kinds of uh durations here for this course but typically like
two or three months i would say me too i completed in like three months
i think three or four months i was working at the time so i completed like a few units per week and
then maybe i didn't do anything for a week so it's all up to you and how much time you have in your own preference
[Music] and then another question from hamza so how much does the 120 hour tefl online
course cost so um i don't know maybe you tuned in a little bit late i mentioned that or maybe because there
is a sort of delay if the live on facebook but i'm just going to repeat it real quick so this
particular course it comes with two options so with tutor support or without tutor support
with tutor support where you can ask your you have like a tutor that you can ask questions all the time
if you have you know want to know more about something or you're like stuck on something you don't understand something you can
contact that tutor and the tutored option is 349 us dollars
and the um untutored option is 239 u.s dollars
for this course okay great then we have a question from
christine i'm taking the 120 hour tesol course at the moment is it possible for me to teach in south
korea too i'm a non-native english speaker may i also know what are the requirements
thank you okay great yeah south korea is a great place to teach
in um i've been here like i said for five and a half years there's always
so so many great opportunities so it's definitely a great place to teach the only thing about south korea um so
to get the teacher visa that's the e2 visa you need to be from
and what they consider an english-speaking country and they consider an english-speaking
country to be canada u.s uh
ireland uk south africa australia and new zealand that's what
they consider native english-speaking countries so if you are if you have a passport from one
of these countries you can apply for the e-2 visa
you do need to have a job lined up before you do that so your employer will help you with
that visa process so south korean schools they do hire in advance so you can find jobs online
and apply and then do skype interviews and stuff and then get your paperwork and file for the visa
etc um that's the most common way to get to south korea
however there are also other visa types that also um allow you to live and work
in south korea i'm not a visa expert i'm not you know 100 sure which
visas there are and how many there are but um i would look into that if you if i were
you so you could um maybe contact the korean embassy in your country
and check that out um [Music] and ask them exactly maybe for your
particular case what options you have i'm for example um my visa is a spousal
visa in south korea my husband is korean he's from here and under that visa you can also live
and work in korea and there's a different kinds of long-term visas in korea and you might
qualify for one and then it also allows you to work here because
people who already have such a visa they do get hired into schools and in teaching positions
even if they're not from one of those seven countries that i mentioned so yeah i recommend trying that out and
contacting the embassy because every case can be different okay
there is something from earnest i already have ielts score but i still want to have a
teasel a tefl certificate from mongolia nice i really want to go to mongolia
it's so high up on my list it looks beautiful i really want to go but anyway yeah so
i think and that's something that my colleague lisa mentioned last week during our live when
we were talking about differences between native english speaker and non-native
english speaker um she definitely mentioned that if you are a non-native english speaking
teacher having a english language certificate like an ielts or a uh
um what else is there uh toy or something like that that definitely
helps especially the ielts she also did the ielts and she's preparing to do another one
another certificate um so that's definitely good to have as a non-native english speaking teacher
and definitely also a teflor t-cell certificate definitely because there are many many countries where they
require their teachers to have a tefl otherwise you can't even you can't even get a visa there so
definitely and also because uh you know for non native english speaking
teachers the more qualifications and additional certifications you have the higher are your chances to sort of
stand out from other applicants so definitely recommend it
cool and then maria asks can you recommend a place where to go so we can find different options of hiring around
the world sure so if you are a itttt course graduate you actually have access
to our lifetime job support so you get access to a lot of resources
a lot of unadvertised jobs that you can only find through itt so that's one great
way and if you are a itt grad you can reach out to us via email and we will
you know send you the info um we also have an open job section on our
website where you can browse for jobs let me find that real quick for you and then i can drop the link
uh yeah right here in seconds
okay dropping the link now and um that's one way
also we advertise jobs on our facebook page so that's why i say always like and
subscribe so that you do see those updates we post a lot on our facebook page you know um not only sales
stuff and um yeah stuff like that but also helpful mostly helpful resources you know uh
teaching aids teaching material or jobs as well
so um definitely check that out it's a great page you know for teachers even if you have not taken a course yet
i highly recommend you know liking our page and checking it out so that's a great way
and then you can also check out um you know online resources it always
depends on where you want where you want to teach so there's different sites for different countries
but we can also give you more information about that um but even like a quick search like
teaching jobs china or something you can definitely find a lot of positions there postings
okay next is uh sea
cat catrine katerine sorry if i'm saying that wrong i've got a
celta certificate so which course could be next for me great so since you already have a celta
i would recommend a um diploma course so we have a tesol diploma course that's
sort of a very advanced high level course that people take who want to teach
you know for the long term um we're teaching yeah for a long time and plan on
getting sort of higher level positions in the tefl tesol industry and also maybe
specialization tefl specializations so we have specializations for teaching business
english for teaching young learners and for teaching online so those are three separate um
specialization courses that you can take that also add to your professional portfolio
so those are the things that i would recommend to you
okay all right then ja or yeah sorry if i'm saying this wrong uh says
this is all new to me never done a course like this is this course to teach children to adults so yeah if you just heard
about the specializations so those we have specializations where you can take that you can take specifically for
teaching young learners or teaching business english to adults stuff like that the basic 120 hour course the standard
tefl certification is sort of yeah like a basic standard course so it
covers both teaching children adults all age ranges
so if you're just starting out if you're completely new to this like you are um this is the course to
check out so the 120 hour course and we also have course bundles or packages so for
example the master package is um the 120 hour course plus
the specializations in young learners and business english so this would cover
everything this covers the basic certification and teaching children and teaching adults so
that's also a great course to get if you're new recommended
okay then we have minumino we hope i'm saying that right uh apologies
if you've already answered this question would this course help me to teach in italy so i actually haven't answered this uh
specific question but italy but um yeah so like i mentioned earlier our courses are all
recognized worldwide and internationally accredited so they are valid in italy and it is
always going to depend on your personal uh you know skill set your background your nationality um
but i would say yes that you can definitely teach english in italy uh europe is a little
bit more difficult to get into because of uh you know eu laws and their like
immigration policies and stuff like that so um it can be a little bit more difficult for
non-eu citizens to go there but it's not impossible there are programs that place you um
to italy to teach um and you can also actually there's sort of like a workaround where you can apply
for a um italian language course and then you get sort of like a student
visa which also allows you to work so that's what a lot of people do they
apply for this course and then get their visa and then go to italy and also teach
there so while also taking the language course so that's maybe an option that's
interesting for you and we actually have more about this um about italy and all other countries
in our faq section so i'm gonna post the link into the comment box right now it's
basically slash faq or is it faqs
faq faq and then um there are questions about that with
italy and how to get that visa so you can go to italy and stuff so check that out i recommend that
but definitely this course will definitely help you all right then a question from sebastian
i am a native english speaker and i have one year experience teaching english in cameroon i'm
interested in teaching english online any recommendations and requirements okay cool so i would recommend
first if you don't have a tefl or tesol sort of certificate yet get certified um
take the course and then since you're interested in teaching english online i would also recommend our
specialization course for teaching english online um you can find it on our website so that would be the 120-hour course that i would recommend for you
plus 50-hour specialization in teaching english online um about the requirements
it's always going to depend on the platform that you want to teach it
or work for um it's easiest to sort of work for a
platform and there's so so many english teaching platforms out there they all have different requirements
there are some that only hire for example british people because they want a british accent
there are some platforms that only hire north americans because they want an american accent but then there's
platforms that don't really care that much about accent or where you're from it matters more about
you know your skills so there's platforms like that so there's they all kind of um it varies from
platform to platform so we do also in our faq section
the link that i just posted have a lot of information about the different teaching platforms that there
are so that you can check out and you know do some research and find the one that suits your needs and
fits your profile um so that would be my recommendation for you
start with the tefl course and then like i mentioned earlier all itt grads they have access to lifetime
job support so definitely check that out
all right then jah jah yeah bo i really don't know how to
pronounce it i'm so sorry okay i'm looking at kuwait to teach i've heard it is good there if you're
qualified do you know if this course is okay for teaching there yeah so actually the middle east
is the highest paying region when it comes to tefl teaching or teaching english abroad
so they have the highest salaries i don't know specifically about kuwait but it's also in this region
so i i think they also have very very high salaries and um excuse me
many countries in that area also pay tax-free salaries so that's really really awesome they
also offer a lot of benefits to their teachers like paid airfare
um i think i need a sip for my coffee
excuse me uh
okay so paid airfare uh visa support obviously bonuses um
you know vacations all that kind of stuff paid housing that's so that's a really good region to
work in and yes this course is good for teaching there it is recognized worldwide we have
many people who have taken the course and then moved to the middle east to teach english there
so definitely i recommend it okay
now i think i want to ask you guys some questions i prepared a couple of questions um
[Music] let me see what i want to ask you all right first off why are you interested in
teaching english that's what i really want to know why are you interested in teaching english
because there's so many reasons why people want to teach english abroad and um you know for me it was
mostly because in school i was always like um i was really interested in foreign
languages so i studied a couple four languages and um i studied chinese
and then i was like oh i really want to go to china and so teaching english is kind of a
great way to go and like experience china and also improve my chinese skills by living
there explore the country and the culture and so that's sort of how i got into
teaching english but why are you interested in teaching english i really really
interested to know so please let me know okay we have an answer nessman99
it's a good way to start a new life and travel the world yes yeah definitely
that's a great reason and i think it's probably maybe the biggest reason why most people do um teach english abroad
because it is a great way to travel the world [Music] like now i was born and raised in
germany so um asia and you know those places always seemed
super far away but now you know living in korea although it's like
amazing asian destinations are very close and you get to travel places that you know would actually be
super far away and then super expensive to travel to from your home country so that's definitely also something that
i enjoy and definitely starting a new life so living abroad teaching english abroad
definitely changes you you know you make so many different new experiences meet so many new people
you definitely i know it's cliche and that's what they always say but like you're not the same when you come back
it's it's true you know it's true all right then we have luciana who says i
love teaching english because i'm free is that free so you what do you mean by that you're
not married you don't have kids so you're like you're free to travel you're free to do or it
makes you feel you like the freedom that's also definitely true so yeah traveling to new
countries you know especially if you go like by yourself it's a huge feeling of freedom
um yeah definitely i love that too cool anybody else
don't be shy i want to know i want to know why are you interested in
teaching english [Music]
okay my partner and i want to stay in kuwait with his sister and she suggested i teach english there i love
kuwait and would love the long-term experience awesome yeah so yeah if you're like set
on a country that you want to go to like for me it was china for you it's kuwait then yeah teaching english can be a
great way to go there awesome
when we teach english i think that will better my work yeah definitely so a lot of people that do go
abroad teach english for a year or two or you know a couple of years and then go back and
it's definitely a benefit and an asset on your resume i definitely agree with that
ram says says i love languages and i enjoy being in front of a group don't mind in front of a camera cool
yeah so then teaching sounds like works for you which languages are you interested in
okay my name is actually jamila is it jamila ja for short okay thanks for clarifying
i don't want to butcher your name so jamila cool i like that name it's
pretty renata i'm an english teacher for 10 years i have
just started to 220 hour tefl i love english and i want to travel the world awesome yeah traveling the world with a
tefl is a great way okay then another question i have for
you would you rather teach english abroad or online i think
many people already answered traveling so i think most people prefer teaching abroad oh and also why
so it feels like oh i prefer teaching abroad why and oh i prefer teaching english online
why let me know
let me know would you rather teach english abroad or online so i haven't really taught online yet
i am thinking about it especially not these days because the demand is so high but um i
think i do prefer like teaching english abroad or like face to face to people
um it's just a different kind of experience i think i like the personal
contact you know being in front of actual people but um i also do like
the benefits that teaching english online has so i'm curious to know what you guys
think i'm still waiting for somebody to answer you're all shy don't be shy you all have
opinions let me know
abroad okay somebody answered thank you abroad why why let me know why
juliana i prefer to teach english online okay why why because it's so convenient
michael also online okay awesome great why though nobody's answering why
okay irma i prefer teaching abroad it's like hitting two birds in one stone working while traveling yeah definitely
meeting new people and experiencing a new culture i love it yes i 100
agree with irma for sure for sure
luciana i prefer teaching english abroad because we have
contact with the students but i learned a lot in online classes with technology yeah so
right both things kind of have pros and cons so yeah i agree with that
renata abroad and online yeah you can definitely mix those two you can i mean you can teach
abroad right and then also like online on the side a lot of my friends are actually doing that um especially nowadays they sort of
also top up their salaries you know they are full-time teachers in the classroom and
then also teach english online on the side so that's also really great um nesman you said abroad right
yes abroad and why you get to see different cultures and explore different traditions
yeah that's a good point especially the traditions it's really really interesting um
especially if you really live abroad you know then you get to experience the different traditions different holidays
from like a local perspective and you get to celebrate with them that's really really great um there's so many
interesting traditions out there and yeah that's really cool
okay jamila abroad only because i want to be in kuwait and personal contact
yeah awesome if you move to kuwait or when you move to kuwait i definitely want to come and visit uh i
hear also only good things about that region kuwait and i really want to go there
alexander i want to teach because i value other cultures and come from a spanish-english background i'm lucky to
speak two languages and love to help others yeah that's also great if you love
helping others then teaching english or teaching in general is definitely a great
career choice you will feel a lot of fulfillment in your in your um daily job
awesome all right let me ask you one more question because a lot of people want to go abroad
which country would you like to teach english in if you could just pick one
and there would be no no strings attached no requirements no like nothing in here here's the plane
ticket just go and teach there which country would it be
which country would it be i know for jamilla it would be kuwait right i know that what about the others
what's your dream country to teach english in
oh and this is a answer to the previous question ruth says i prefer teaching abroad
because i can meet new people improve um the l2 so the the
language of the country that you're in um and know about their culture
yeah awesome great okay so which country would you like to teach
english in oh and also why please add why
maria says i would love to teach english or teach in india oh wow yeah i would love that too
i mean india looks just amazing so colorful full of traditions culture
um it's also a huge country so also a lot of mixed cultures and yeah
sounds really amazing or looks amazing i want to go too
juliana says actually i would like to go to japan and south korea because my friends live there
nice are your friends also teaching english in japan and korea that's awesome or do you have local
friends nice yeah japan and south korea are always very popular
um destinations for sure and they also do offer you know programs so japan has
a jet program that places teachers into schools there south korea has the epic
program and there's also another program called talk program
so they're very established when it comes to like teaching programs the salaries are also good south korea
also has a lot of benefits like paid housing um you also
are part of the national pension scheme so you do pay into the pension scheme it goes from
you like they take a cut of your salary but then when you leave korea you get
all of that back because you're not staying so you get all of that money back so that's also really good
and great health care also
luciana i would like to go to england to improve my english but teach english in my country okay yeah
cool so you want to go to england like for a couple of years improve your english and your skills and
then go back to your country and teach english that's also what a lot of people do for sure that's awesome renata
any part of europe or asia yeah cool awesome alexander i want to teach in
europe mostly spain since i speak spanish already yeah cool spain is actually very popular
very very popular destination in europe and they also have depending on you know your
passport situation because they like i said earlier europe is always a bit
difficult to get into for non-eu citizens but spain is also one of those places that have
actually a teaching program the cultural ambassadors program
um that might be interesting to you and also they also do that visa like in
italy where you sign up for a language course but i guess you don't need a language course
but if you sign up for a spanish language course you get like the student visa which also allows you to teach
or work certain amount of hours so a lot of people also do that
nesman 99 brazil south america philippines the cultures are exciting
carnival etc and inexpensive that is so true yeah brazil
south america south america is also very popular when it comes to um
teaching however the salaries are not that high in the region but also it's
cheap to live there and um obviously if you know you always have to think about
what do you care about more do you care about more about your uh salary the money you make or about
uh the location you're in and the kind of experiences you can make there right in terms of culture and um
traditions and all that stuff that you experience so it's always you know that's why
there's so many different options for everybody's preferences
great okay irma i want to teach in thailand really i've been researching reading
blogs and joining groups about teaching in thailand this past few days cool thailand is also a really
really big market for teaching english certainly some of my colleagues from itt
they have taught in thailand and they love it some are still there so
um it's definitely a great place to be as a teacher and our faq section also
has a lot of resources so i highly recommend checking that out
[Music] all right and nesman says anywhere but the usa it's time to venture out
yeah definitely that's a great mindset so for sure if you're from the us or anywhere really
um you know if you want to go to a place that's just different
than your own country that's great maria asked what about south africa is
it difficult to find a job there so like with south africa you can definitely find teaching positions there
we do have a tefl center in south africa and we do get uh
teaching job job postings job postings for south africa um quite a lot
um so i would definitely say that it is possible it is possible for sure
you might have to you know whenever you are like set on like a specific location
obviously it might take more time to find a job where as if you're like oh i just want to teach in
asia but you're open to like 10 different countries then there's obviously going to be more
opportunities but definitely not impossible
okay um then we have let me see
all right this question one more question i have for you guys do you want to teach english short term
or long term so do you just want to teach english for a few years
and then either go back home or you know do something different or are you
looking for a more long-term career when it comes to teaching english
let me know let me know let me know
all right while you're thinking about that and while you're answering i'm going to answer one more question from nar my
dream is to teach in south korea but i'm from india any help on how to get there i
actually had a similar question earlier about a girl from the philippines asked that same question
so um basically for korea you
need to be from uh either to get the teaching visa
you need to be either from uh america canada uk ireland australia south africa
new zealand to get the teaching visa but there's also other visa types that you might be
eligible for that also allow you to live and work in korea um so i recommend
reaching out to the korean embassy in your country and check out those options because it always depends on your background
and so it's really hard to say for me you know because i don't know you but i recommend it's not impossible and
um yeah reach out to your embassy okay so do you want to teach english
short term or long term all right maria says short term for sure i'm 50 already don't have much
time oh 50 is not old come on
we actually have a lot of older people who do take our tefl courses and move abroad and they love it
short term for sure yeah but maybe you want to experience a little bit and go back to your country and be with your
family so then i definitely understand that louisiana
i want to teach english for long term okay nice great maria says are there any jobs for
less than a year um yeah so most teaching contracts are for a year
um and actually a year goes by super fast so you know i
but if you want less than a year there are positions like that but it might be a little bit harder to find
depending on the location but um then maybe you could also do like some volunteering
there's a lot of volunteer opportunities that are like three months even one month or like
four five six months really up to you when it comes to volunteering so that might also be something that's
interesting obviously might not be paid then but um usually jobs are like contracts are for
a year nadine says long term for sure but also
thinking of doing language study wherever i end up teaching it yeah cool
for sure that's also a great opportunity you know if you teach english abroad in a different country to do language courses there to
learn the language of the country that you're in it's just a great opportunity for sure because you're surrounded by
that language every day so it's a lot easier to learn than if you're in your own country or in only
surrounded by english for sure tadashi says
short term okay a lot of short term okay uh elita says
is it easier to get a t a job teaching younger kids or teaching adults i think this is going to depend on where
you want to teach so for example in asia a lot of teaching jobs are teaching
children because that's kind of how english education like the system works here
uh there's just a lot of focus on teaching children a lot of teachers you know work for
kindergartens or elementary middle school high school in asia
but for example in latin america or mexico it's a lot more companies like business english so
that would be adults not to say that you can't find adult teaching jobs also in asia
definitely but it's just kind of more so um it's going to depend on the location
where you want to go to irma says haven't decided if it is for
long term or short term yet maybe the actual interaction and the experience can help me decide
yeah for sure so a lot of people they're like oh i'm just gonna teach english for a year and then go back home and then um they never leave and they
end up staying for 10 years so that can also happen or people are like oh yeah i'm gonna you
know i really want to go to wherever korea and then i want to live there for a long time because i like bts or
whatever i like k-pop and then they get here they teach for a year and they're like oh you know what i don't really like korea
let me move you know to another place so definitely you know you need to
experience it first to know if it suits you you know if you like it or not it's very different than
what you see on the internet or you know on the tv so
that's always a good idea okay great then we actually
i had some questions in the comments um from our facebook page i just want to go
over one was like what sort of courses does itt offer
so i mentioned that actually before we offer a wide variety of courses
online in class combined they range from 50 hours all the way to 550 hours of
study so it depends on you know what your goal is and what you want to do
um then another question was in which countries can i teach after completing
the itt course or itt teflor tesol course like i said they
are accredited worldwide and recognized worldwide so you can teach anywhere you want
but it is going to depend on your personal portfolio your background because different
countries have different regulations and so always do your research
you know on the country you want to go to what their requirements are so that you
know what you need to do in order to get there
another question was how fast after the course can i find a job and how long does it
take to complete the course i already actually answered that so it depends on what course you're taking but if it's the standard 120 hour course
you have up to six months to complete it and it's going to most people just need like two or three
months to complete it depending on you know how much time you have to study and then as soon as you basically you
can actually start applying for jobs what as soon as you have started course
basically and tell them yeah i'm doing the course right now or you can apply as soon as you complete
and you have your certificate so you don't have to wait at all
and the last one from our facebook comments the questions is what are the requirements and
documents needed to teach abroad so this also always depends on where you want to teach like
i said a few times now every country has different requirements and they require different documents but
usually it's a tesla certificate it's a passport obviously because you need to leave the
country a valid passport so make sure you your passport you know still has
time on it um at least like a year if you're planning to go for a year needs to be at least
valid for another year um some countries also require a criminal
background check and um some countries need
like uh certain kinds of like epistle epistle stamps on your documents
um but like i said it depends on where you want to work and what their requirements are
but make sure you do your research before you kind of start the process um so that you know what documents you
need and because you know with the government it always takes time to get certain documents
especially these days when uh they're not working or they can't work how they you know
worked normally they have different hours and stuff so it's recommended to sort of start with the whole process
one year before you want to go abroad so that you know exactly what you need
to do and you have time to prepare everything
all right let me look at the comments again and let me get more coffee
all right elena says can you get a job teaching english to
non-english speakers while living in the uk or australia or us though most people who live there are
english speaking yeah you can actually find jobs there because they have a lot of immigrants right and
refugees who need um english language training so i actually have a friend
who is a teacher in the us for [Music] children of whose parents aren't from
or whose parents don't speak english as a native language and so she's uh teaching those children
so you can definitely find positions like that for sure especially in the uk and australia and us where there's so many different you know
people from everywhere um it's definitely you can definitely find a job teaching
english ahmad says how can i become a part of this course and what is the fee
okay i already answered that but um you can just apply you know you need to be a fluent english
speaker and at least 18 years old but that's it you can go to
and check out uh you know all the different course options they all have different prices
um so check that out depends on the course and then you can just apply and you can start learning
all right another one from elena where can you find job postings for esl teacher jobs also is there an age limit i'm 18 and
i'm going to college but i'm interested in doing this after i graduate from school actually a lot of people do um you know
teach english abroad after they graduate so that's great and it's great that you're you know
so early and thinking about this it's really really awesome so you really have a lot of time to get all the things you need and do a
lot of research so i commend you for that um if you decide to
take a course from itttt there is lifetime job support
so all itt course graduates have access to unadvertised jobs jobs that
our partners share only with us and as long as you want to teach so even
if you're not teaching right away if you're like waiting a few years and then you're going
back to teaching you can hit us up and say like hey can you help me i'm an itt grad um i'm
looking for jobs with job postings it also depends on where you want to teach
so maybe you you're not sure yet where is the best place for you um i highly recommend you know checking
out blogs checking out our tefl blog we have a blog blog and also faq you'll find a lot of information about the different countries
salaries the cost of living the requirements different documents you need to go to those countries
you'll find all of that there and then you can slowly make up your mind where you want
to teach and then figure it out age limit uh
so you for the tefl course you need to be at least 18 and um also when it comes to teaching
there is only sometimes an upper age limit where because of local like retirement age you can't
teach if you're over 60 but it doesn't always apply in your case so good luck with everything
okay irma the discussion boosted my desire to teach abroad may 2021 let me do what i want
yeah i think we're all hoping for that we're all hoping for that may 2020 let us do what we want and go
where we want i'm hoping for that as well too many days spent at home right this year
so let's pray that 2021 will be better i'm positive it will be i'm positive
always stay positive but 2020 was a great year to you know get ready for 2021
so a lot of people actually took tefl courses in 2020 because or especially online courses because
they want to be ready for 2021 so awesome thank you so much
for joining today it was really great and now is the time where i am sharing
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