Where can I get free TEFL lesson plans?

Having a meticulously constructed lesson plan is an essential tool for any educator. It provides a roadmap, without which the trajectory of a lesson can go astray rapidly. Although as you amass experience, you may find that you don't need to invest as much time in detailed planning, in the early days of your teaching career, a robust plan can make the difference between a smooth, successful class and a chaotic one. A comprehensive lesson plan enables you to articulate your learning objectives, organize your time efficiently, prepare the required materials and equipment, and anticipate potential issues along with their solutions. A well-prepared plan serves as your guide, ensuring you navigate each phase of the lesson without undue stress or wasted time.

There are teachers in the TEFL field who take pride in creating every part of their lesson plans independently, using their creativity and initiative. While this approach can be rewarding for some, many teachers find it beneficial to use the plethora of resources available on the internet. This strategy not only saves significant time but also provides a window into the pedagogical strategies employed by other teachers. Below is a list of free online resources that we believe are worth exploring:

Where can I get free TEFL lesson plans?

This website offers over 1,000 free lesson plans for English teachers, sortable by language proficiency level, theme, or topic. Plans can be downloaded in PDF format, often accompanied by engaging worksheets, games, and other activities.


Aside from a comprehensive collection of lesson plans categorized into talking points and topic-based lessons, this site offers numerous practical suggestions on enhancing your lesson delivery.

The British Council

A well-respected name in the English teaching world, The British Council provides high-quality, free TEFL lesson plans. These are organized by age group and class level and often come with downloadable worksheets and activities.

Lanternfish ESL

An established site that provides a diverse range of lesson plans covering countless topics. Most plans include materials such as worksheets, game boards, role-play dialogues, and flashcards.


Apart from a repository of lesson plans, this resource offers various articles and information relevant to teaching. It allows you to search for topics directly and provides plans with clear aims, instructions, and materials.


This website houses over 17,000 lesson plans and worksheets, free for you to download. You can filter your search by grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, etc., or search the entire database by topic.

English Is a Piece of Cake

This resourceful site features numerous lesson plans categorized by listening, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and business. Each plan includes instructions, worksheets, warm-up activities, and pre-teaching recommendations.

The Internet TESL Journal

This easy-to-use site contains numerous lesson plans, activities, and articles covering a broad range of subjects. All plans include necessary materials for classroom use.


Maintained by a community of active teachers, this database of lesson plans is created and shared by practicing teachers, ensuring high-quality and effective materials.

Online English Expert

The lesson plans on this site are sorted by language levels: A1, A2, B1, and B2, as well as a dedicated section for grammar topics. While some plans offer additional activities at a cost, the free activities are often just as valuable.


This site provides both paid memberships and a host of free resources suitable for both traditional and online classes. In addition to lesson plans, it offers homework ideas, student assessments, and placement tests.